Ruggedness Meets Performance: Exploring the Best Rugged Smartphone for Tough Conditions


The best rugged smartphone is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Not only do our rugged smartphones have high IP ratings for dust and water resistance, but they are also tested to military standards for durability. This means that a rugged phone from Blackview is more likely to survive being dropped, even on hard surfaces. The added bonus of an extra battery capacity keeps you connected and productive on the go.


Highlights and Features of the Best Rugged Smartphone


Whether you’re working on a construction site or hiking in the wilderness, the best rugged smartphone can withstand the elements and keep you in touch along the way. Knowing that our phones needed to be ruggedised for use in extreme environments, we at Blackview ensured every phone was stringently tried and tested as well as robust enough to suit an individual’s unique requirements.


  • A Stronger, Thinner Rugged Smartphone


Having a phone designed and manufactured to military specs would leave one to believe that the phone will be bulky and not easy to carry, which is not the case with a Blackview rugged phone. What we have done is produce a phone that remains streamlined and lightweight in design but that delivers military-grade toughness.


Through several rigorous tests, our phones have proven their durability and endurance in demanding conditions. Being drop-poof up to 1.5 metres and completely dustproof and waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes are but a few of the features making our phones the toughest on the market.  


  • Customise Your Phone to Suit You


An Android operating system boasts a multitude of useful tweaks and additions, letting you set up your best rugged smartphone to suit you. Customise your desktop, change your themes at a touch of a button, or enhance your privacy settings.


  • Capturing Moments

At Blackview, not only have we brought you a rugged phone with an extended battery life and reliable connectivity and that can withstand the toughest conditions, but we have also included picture-perfect clarity. Using the latest software at our disposal has allowed us to bring you video and camera imagery that is clear, sharp, and focused.


Panoramic vistas can be captured in just one shot, and if your photos need to be enhanced with professional effects, our phones can do that too. Whether our camera or video functionality is needed to capture daring feats or provide proof of a ruptured underground pipeline, we’ve got you covered.


  • From Parys to Paternoster, you will never get lost


As much as you rely on GPS when driving, what happens when your adventuring or working trails find you further than you intended to be? For accurate positioning, wherever your path may take you, our rugged phones will guide you back safely with Galileo, GPS, Glonass, and Beidou.


From glove mode for convenient and seamless screen unlocking through to face or fingerprint ID to protect your privacy and military-grade features, if you are looking for the best rugged smartphone, look no further than Blackview.


Leaders in Rugged Phone Design


The experts at Blackview are the leading pioneers in rugged smartphone technology. We have developed superior products so that our smartphones can meet the demands of your chosen profession or pastime. If you need the strength and durability of a Blackview rugged smartphone, peruse our website or contact us