Why a 5G Smartphone is a Game Changer


Wireless connectivity needs to be reliable, especially when urgent documents or phone calls are needed outside of the office. The next generation of mobile data has been introduced to users in the form of a 5G smartphone, providing those that rely on dependable technology with the benefit of increased speed. At Blackview, we have managed to incorporate 5G capabilities and combine them with a rugged exterior, making our ruggedised 5G phones the best in the market.  


Why is a 5G Smartphone a Game Changer?


Often, when files need to be transferred, e-mails must be answered, or games are played, you could experience lags in connection. What you will notice immediately with a 5G smartphone is decreased latency, meaning that the time the signal takes to transfer from one device to another is significantly faster. When you need to depend on hotspot connectivity at a mall or coffee shop, you no longer have to wait what seems like hours to get a message through as there is less congestion with a 5G Smartphone. With speeds three times faster than 4G, it’s no wonder more users are turning to 5G.  


Some Benefits of 5G Smartphone Technology


Here are a few benefits of 5G smartphones:


  • Endless Connectivity

The increased speed afforded by a 5G smartphone lets you connect to multiple devices without any buffering, lagging, or streaming problems. You can connect your home, car, and office to the reliable speed of 5G.


  • Stay Connected

Rushing home or back to the office to do admin before going out is a thing of the past with a 5G smartphone. The technology of 5G extends beyond four walls and a desk, letting you download important information, games, and more wherever you are.


  • Endless Entertainment

Games are often graphic-heavy, which can slow down your phone. This is not ideal when you are in the middle of a virtual battle. With no latency, increased speed, and an uninterrupted connection, you can continue flexing your muscle in real-time and be completely immersed in the game.    


Combining Fast Connectivity with Rugged Phones


There are many professions and adventure enthusiasts that rely on the durability that a rugged phone provides. With rugged phones being designed to military-grade standards, which include being dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof, it stands to reason that we at Blackview extended the functionality of our phones to include 5G technology.


An extended battery life together with 5G connectivity affords professionals that work in the field or on sites for hours at a time the ability to use their rugged Blackview 5G smartphone without fear of the battery running low and the connection dropping or lagging.


Increased Efficiency


A 5G smartphone offers first responders a faster response time, allowing them to reach emergencies quicker. Providing multimedia sharing and workflows instantly greatly increases productivity amongst construction workers and farmers, to name a few. Whether our phones are needed for work or a quick weekend getaway, our 5G smartphones will keep you connected at a speed that astounds.  


We may not know what 5G capability will mean to the future of AI but we know what it has done to enhance the functionality of our phones.


Ground-Breaking and Innovative Design


For almost 10 years, we at Blackview have broken the boundaries in ground-breaking design and innovation, giving the South African market a phone that is as tough and rugged as the terrain is. When it comes to rugged reliability and durability without compromising on technology, contact us for the best ruggedised 5G Smartphone.