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The demand for 5G-capable devices has steadily increased over the last few years. The only real obstacles have been pricing and cellular networks being slow to adopt the new protocols. A 5G rugged smartphone from Blackview presents the perfect solution to the first issue, as all our phones are highly affordable and we have something for everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up the 5G adoption process among networks. What we can do, however, is provide you with a quick and simple guide to 5G and give an example of a device that can connect to it. Keep reading the article if you want to learn more!


What is 5G?


Designations like “4G” and “5G” refer to the networking protocol being used in a cellular network. The number refers to the generational iteration (so 5G is the fifth generation). Each generation tends to be faster and more reliable than the previous generations, but 5G represents progression in leaps and bounds. It offers much higher speeds, lower latency, and much better networking capacity.

 5G Rugged Smartphone

The connectivity and speeds of 5G are so fast that you could potentially download or upload very large files in just a few seconds (contingent on overall network performance and availability of a fifth-generation signal). The lower latency improves your network performance by reducing overall signal interference and delays, allowing you to watch or stream content uninterrupted.


An Affordable 5G Smartphone: The BL6000 Pro


The BL6000 Pro offers unmatched connectivity in its price class. It is a 5G-capable device with a sleek and rugged design. If you are looking for a phone that is packed with great specs and features that is still affordable, then the BL6000Pro is for you.


These are some of the features you can expect from the BL6000 Pro:


  • 5G connectivity that allows you to connect to anyone and everything more quickly
  • 48 MP rear camera taking stunning pictures and making memories
  • 16 MP front camera for taking selfies and making video calls wherever you are
  • 5280mAh battery for long-lasting performance
  • 8GB RAM for a highly responsive device with a lot of processing power
  • 256GB storage for storing all your content
  • Built-in heart rate monitor and barometer for the more adventurous people.


You can use the heart rate monitor to check up on your heart and take advantage of the barometer and its potential as a weather-predicting device.


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You don’t have to break the bank and spend an arm and a leg on a 5G-capable smartphone. In fact, you can get one for a very reasonable price. Even if you do not care about 5G and its amazing capabilities, you will still find a phone in our range that suits your needs.


Blackview makes durable smartphones that can be used wherever and whenever you want. Whether you are standing outside in the rain or wading through a dense forest, you will not have to worry about your phone falling, breaking, and becoming unusable. If you opted for one of our 5G devices, you’ll enjoy great connectivity in even the toughest conditions.


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