Exploring The Value of an Android Tablet


An Android tablet is a practical device for people who want a more comfortable experience when using the tablet for work or entertainment. The larger screen tends to deliver a better visual experience, as details are more easily spotted and on-screen features are easier to use. Additionally, the Android 11 operating system (which can be found on most of our tablets) gives you more control over your device by utilising key security and user experience features. In the article below, we will demonstrate just how versatile an Android tablet can be and we will explain in further detail why Android 11 is a great operating system to have on your device.


The Versatility of an Android Tablet


We have previously covered the advantages of owning an Android tablet, but we didn’t go into detail about the users who would benefit most from those advantages. Here we will contextualise the benefits by looking at how they are utilised by three different (and purely hypothetical) people: a student, a digital artist, and an office worker.

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Tablets can be taken anywhere. This benefit is universal to everyone and will be used to its full potential by all three people mentioned above. The student can take it to class, the digital artist can carry it around and use it whenever inspiration strikes, and the office worker can easily carry it between home and the office to make best use of the productivity apps.


Pricing will be perceived differently by each of these individuals, which means they will most likely purchase different models. A student will probably go for a more affordable option, while the digital artist will need a high end (and thus pricier) model for his work. Depending on how the office worker uses the tablet, any one of the models in the Blackview range will make a good purchase.


Tablets are versatile pieces of technology and can be customised and used for many different things. Each person in our mini case study will use a tablet differently. The student will use it to take notes and capture images of important things in class, the digital artist will use the tablet for sketching or drawing, while the office worker (and even the student) will probably focus on the myriad of productivity-boosting apps that can be loaded onto Android devices.


What Android 11 Brings to The Table


Android 11 is an operating system that is hyper focused on productivity and security features. It was designed to be intuitive and gives users greater control over their digital experience. Notifications are more streamlined than in previous iterations and content capturing was made nearly effortless. Tablets running this operating system (or later) are also more secure due to improved biometric and single-factor authentication. The accessibility features also make it easier for users with disabilities to manage the device and control its functions with voice-activated commands.


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