The Toughest SA Rugged Phones for Extreme Environments


In South Africa, professionals come in all types, from industrial and engineering executives right through to extreme outdoor enthusiasts, and that is why they need to rely on SA rugged phones. With our country’s vastly varying climates, individuals may be called upon to travel from sub-zero temperatures to the desert heat within days, and their electronic equipment should be able to adapt as efficiently as they can, making the unique features of Blackview’s SA rugged phones that much more desirable.



What Makes Blackview’s SA Rugged Phones the Ideal Choice?


Our SA rugged phones have been specifically designed with reliability and durability in mind. The quality together with their high-end functionality makes it possible for these phones to withstand extreme weather, outdoor activities, and perilous work conditions.


What Sets Our SA Rugged Phones Apart from Competitors?


What defines our SA rugged phones is their unique features and specifications, making it possible for our phones to be used in any environment under any conditions.


  1. Tough Build


Most manufacturers design a device’s body based purely on aesthetics, which quite often is not practical. The external casing and interior components of our rugged phones have been built to withstand drops, shocks, spills, and vibrations. Selecting to use toughened glass for the screens makes them scratch-proof and drop-resistant, and together with the outer casing, provide maximum protection for your phone.  


  1. Certifications

Our rugged phones come with military-grade certification (MIL-STD), meaning that they can withstand certain thresholds of humidity, cold, heat, and drops without compromising the phone’s functionality. As rigorously as military personnel are put through their paces, so are our SA rugged phones, making sure that they meet any challenges and are tough enough to last. We take our certifications so seriously that every Blackview device is ICASA approved.


  1. Ratings


Protecting standard phones against dust and liquids is an endless feat and the downfall of many electronic devices. Setting us apart from the competition is our ingress protection (IP) ratings. This defines how much solid and liquid ingress our rugged phones can withstand. With an IP rating of 68, our phones are capable of withstanding all dust ingress and can withstand being immersed in water for longer periods, making our rugged phones the toughest by far.


  1. Variable Working Temperatures


Many manufacturers usually recommend acceptable operating and ambient temperatures for their phones. The reason for this is to increase the longevity of the battery and prevent the phone from overheating. The working temperature of our rugged phones far exceeds other devices, with working temperatures anywhere between -200C and 600C, providing effective communication and operation in extreme heat and cold.   


  1. Enhanced Battery Life


Your phone is your workhorse, and having one that consumes vast amounts of power over short periods can affect productivity. Having a bigger battery life means less time waiting for your phone to charge and being able to carry on with your work or leisure activities without worrying whether the battery will last. With our SA rugged phones providing up to 13 000mAh of battery life, we will always have the advantage over other phones.


From the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg to the vast coastlines into sub-Saharan desert dunes, our Blackview SA rugged phones will keep you in communication through rough weather or mild. The specifications of our rugged phones speak for themselves, so we would like to invite you to contact us to discuss the best make and model that will suit your budget before your next exploratory expedition.