Why SA Rugged Phones Are Perfect for This Country


Sleek designs and an impressive suite of features are two of the biggest priorities for most people when they choose a new phone. When that phone gets dropped, those features don’t mean anything. SA rugged phones can be the difference between people having fun while out on adventures or sulking all the way home because they dropped their phones and couldn’t take photos of everything they saw on their trips.


Rugged phones are perfect for people in SA who are constantly exposed to harsh or dynamic conditions, from adventurers to businesspeople. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of rugged phones (for business and pleasure alike).


The Advantages of SA Rugged Phones


South Africa is a beautiful country with diverse scenery and mostly pleasant weather (depending on where you go and the time of year you choose to do so). Either way, it is a country ripe for exploration, camping, and a wide variety of other outdoor activities. Regardless of what you choose to do in our beautiful country, you ought to have a phone with you that can withstand all the conditions you will be exposed to when out in the wild. You will want a rugged, rigid phone.


Below are some of the biggest advantages of SA rugged phones for adventurers:


  • Waterproof – If you fall into a river or if you drop your phone in the pool, you would want your phone to be a rugged phone.
  • Shock/Impact Resistance – Dropping a normal phone from certain heights will break it, but not these phones.
  • Dustproof – If you drop your phone is sand or mud, it will be fine.
  • Long Battery – Perfect for long adventures where you can’t always access electricity.


You will thus have a fully functional phone even in the harshest conditions!


Why Even Businesspeople Would Want These Devices


SA rugged phones are not just for campers and adventures. Their inherent features make them just as functional in the city as they would be out in the wilderness. Businesspeople, managers, and other professionals are not always restricted to their offices and may sometimes be required to go out into the field for their work. A major concern for such people has always been effective on-site and off-site communication, which is not always possible with a regular phone. Normal phones can break quite easily when dropped or exposed to harsh conditions, so when your job demands that you go to an area where those things are bound to happen, you will want a phone that can withstand those conditions.

 SA Rugged Phones

It is also worth noting that SA rugged phones may also have features that normal phones do not have. Some of the phones offered by Blackview, for example, have night vision or infrared cameras. Those features are very useful for taking images in low light conditions (such as in a mine shaft or underground construction project). Thermal cameras are already widely used in the construction industry to conduct site inspections and capture diagnostics data and having that capability in a highly portable device like a phone would be a bonus on any construction site.


Where To Find Durable SA Rugged Phones


SA rugged phones are our specialty. If you are interested in buying one of our devices, such as the BL8800 Pro 8 with a thermal imaging camera, you can purchase it through our online store!


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