The Benefits of Waterproof Smartphones


Picture-perfect moments are not only there for sunny days and picturesque sunsets. Sometimes, raincoats and puddles are just as enchanting, and for that, you need a waterproof smartphone. Investing in a waterproof smartphone that suits your budget from Blackview lets you capture those fleeting moments regardless of the weather.


What is the Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Smartphones?


Water-resistant phones survive the odd splashes of water and you can still talk on them when it rains. Our waterproof smartphone at Blackview can take a dive in the water and stay completely fine after being fully submerged for a period, without affecting the phones’ functionality.


What are the Benefits of Waterproof Smartphones?


Misconceived as being at the top end of the price scale, with the popularity of waterproof phones on the increase, they are more accessible and suitable to every budget. With the benefits that waterproof smartphones have to offer, we know that you will be investing in our phones sooner than you think.


  • Your phone can be used comfortably near water and even be taken into the bath and shower.
  • The added waterproof functionality adds to the phone's convenience and removes possible restrictions when used in and around water.
  • Smartphones are exposed to liquid multiple times a day. You might accidentally spill coffee on them or drop them down the toilet. With a waterproof smartphone, damage caused by liquid accidents is a thing of the past.




Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Blackview Waterproof Smartphone


Here are some of the reasons why you should get a Blackview waterproof smartphone:


  1. Lightweight Portability


Lugging bags of camera equipment and protective covers can sometimes have you missing out on the opportune photo. Whether you are an avid photographer or finding your feet, the lightweight and portable design of Blackview’s waterproof smartphone makes it easier to handle and carry around, rain or shine.


  1. Exceptional Picture Clarity and Quality


The quad rear camera allows you to take better photos with a higher field of depth, and the ultra-wide-angle camera lets you create your own narrative in minute detail. Stand along the harbour or kiss the edge of the ocean whilst filming, editing, and sharing the varying shades of the cresting waves.       


  1. Extended Battery Life and Endless Storage


Plug those earphones in, select your playlist, and enjoy communing with nature without worrying about the battery going flat or losing momentum when your songs end. With a 4380mAh long-lasting battery together with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you can store up to 26000 songs comfortably.


  1. Rugged Durability


The ultra-rugged design and durable quality of our waterproof smartphone provide you with peace of mind knowing that no matter where your adventures take you or what perilous job sites you face, your device will always be ready. With waterproof and drop-proof capabilities and being fully dust-proof, our military-grade phones can withstand the harshest environments.   


With internal components that won’t overheat in extreme heat or cold, wireless charging, and fingerprint unlock, to name a few, our waterproof smartphone exceeds expectations. What we offer you is complete safety and comfort knowing that your smartphone will work even after it has gone through some rigorous paces with you.    


Leader in Rugged Smartphone Design


We at Blackview are respected manufacturers of rugged phones that have been uniquely and specifically built to survive tough conditions. Ideally situated in Pretoria, for almost a decade, we have supplied several industry and market sectors with a wide range of devices. Contact us to find out more about our extensive product selections.