The Best Android Tablet for Artists and Designers


As an artist or designer, you never know when inspiration might strike. It could be while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or a meal with loved ones, and having mobile access in the form of an Android tablet could assist you with your on-the-spot artistic inspiration. At Blackview, our range of Android tablets with their lightweight design and wider screens are the perfect complement to any artist or designer’s creative tools.


Advantages of Using an Android Tablet


Advancements in technology have provided artists and designers with some of the best tools to create beautiful digital artworks. The biggest advantages that an Android tablet offers is portability and convenience, letting you create wherever you may be. Here are a few more benefits worth noting:


  1. Precision


Each piece of design work requires precise lines and features, accuracy which sometimes can be difficult to obtain using traditional methods. Coupling your Android tablet with modern design programs produces realistic textures and lines with suggested tips along the way to guide you.


  1. Saving You Time


The creative process can be time-consuming, and as much as you love it, sometimes you want to save time where you can. With our Android tablet, you can access shortcuts on your screen, alleviating the time spent fiddling with multiple buttons. At a simple touch, you can adjust brush strokes, move lines, and do so much more.


  1. Accurate Editing

Editing on an Android tablet gives you instant feedback on your screen, making it easier to adjust colours, angles, and more. Photo editing requires the refinement that only our Android tablet can give you, letting you touch up on blemishes and imperfections accurately.


  1. Connectivity on the Go


As previously mentioned, you never know when an idea might come to you, and selecting an Android tablet with multiple connectivity options keeps those creative juice flowing. With our tablets, there is no need for plug-in connections. Simply activate Bluetooth or WiFi.  


  1. Picture-Perfect Clarity


Having a larger screen and an IPS panel gives you wider viewing angles, outstanding colour accuracy, and faster response times, which lets you draw, design, and edit quickly and efficiently. The perfect picture resolution of our Android tablets brings any artist's rendition or photographer's snapshot to life.


  1. Convenience


With a screen that is large enough to perform artistic design, the lightweight features of a Blackview Android tablet allow you to transport it with you anywhere without having to lug heavy laptop bags and other bulky equipment.


Although our Android tablets may not be able to recreate the finely detailed brush strokes of a Renaissance master, they can provide you with unrivalled pixilation and clarity.



When Outdoor Adventure Shots Beckon


Whether your creative flair is conservative and refined or leans towards adventurous outdoor exploits, Blackview caters to all artistic abilities. The large 10 000mAh battery of the Oukitel RT-1 Rugged Tablet gives you more than enough power when perfect action shots require patience and the opportune moment. With an outer casing of high-quality synthetic rubber and an IP68 rating making it water, dust, and shock proof, this Android tablet is the quintessential tool for any action photographer.  


Blackview devices are both stylish and durable. Because of their compatibility with the harsh African conditions, it could be argued that they were specifically designed for the South African market. Whether you are a novice or professional artist, designer, or outdoor photographer, we have an Android tablet to suit your needs. Contact us or hop online to view our rugged device range.