Survive Anything with The Best Rugged Smartphones


Whether you are a deep-sea angler, a mountain cliff climber, or cave explorer, your profession and/or hobbies may put you in interesting situations. With communication being the key to surviving some of these perils, the best rugged smartphone to have cradled in your kitbag is one of Blackview’s rugged phones. Access to one of these could help you during long nights at sea, suspended days on a cliff, and cold nights at a cave entrance.


At Blackview, we promote adventure, interesting occupations, and outdoor activities. To support our adventurers who have accomplished these feats, we have the best rugged smartphone that appeals to every outdoor activity or profession.


What You Can Expect from the Best Rugged Smartphones


Here is what you can expect when you buy a Blackview smartphone:


  1. Military-Grade Night Vision


If your curiosity is peaked when the sun sets and the nightlife makes an appearance, consider investing in the Blackview BV8800 phone. Building on military-grade technology, this rugged phone best relies on infrared light to capture detailed images at night. The 20MP IR night-vision, ultra-wide camera with a rear sensor can capture images that elude most. With 2K video-recording capabilities, your Blackview may just record future fireside tales.


  1. Unsurpassed Thermal Imagery


As much as our phones are often fun-to-play-with gizmos, technicians and engineers benefit from the thermal imagery of the Blackview BV6600 Pro. This device with its high-resolution micro thermal camera might assist professionals elevated at precarious positions to pre-detect potential disaster situations. Having a handy device that can quickly detect HVAC problems and find radiator pipes underneath floorboards or overheating power cables affords professionals a quick diagnostic tool, letting them record and share the findings instantaneously.


  1. Navigating Your Way


When it comes to rugged communication devices, the Blackview devices stand head and shoulders above the rest. If your career or past time constantly exposes you to tough and demanding situations, you will need a blue-blood device to keep up with your pace.


The Blackview BL8800 Pro with multiple connectivity options and navigational tools is the best rugged smartphone to have by your side when negotiating dangerous paths, climbing steep mountain slopes, and sailing oceans blue. Activating your GPS tracker will let those at base camp or on shore keep a check on your movements. If at any point you lose your way, your support is just a phone call away.


Ultra Rugged Design Enfolding the Latest Software


Every Blackview is the best rugged smartphone. They each have unique features that set them apart. If you are looking for a phone that offers the highest level of durability against the harshest conditions, then our ultra rugged phones fit the bill. With the ability to operate in below sub-zero temperatures, handle direct sun heat, and withstand the impact from falls at elevated heights, it stands to reason why Blackview is South Africa’s favourite rugged smartphone provider.  


On Blackview devices, users can access all the usual downloadable applications available on any other Android device, including popular social media platforms. Contact us to see how we can facilitate your budget to put you within the financial reach of the best rugged smartphone.