Discover the Best Android Tablet for Every Budget and Lifestyle


When it comes to a smart device that produces picture-perfect clarity and allows you to browse the internet, check emails and messages, read eBooks, and answer calls, consider investing in an Android tablet from Blackview. More compact than a laptop, the portability offered by these tablets allows you to simply place them in your bag or satchel, taking them with you wherever you go, and with budget-friendly options available, there is no reason not to have one.


Features of an Android Tablet


In an age where one has to stay connected for multiple reasons, it makes sense to have an Android tablet. To make a more informed decision, we have compiled a list of some of the basic features of Android tablets:   


  • Unlike a laptop or computer, an Android tablet is smaller, thinner, and more lightweight, making it easier for you to carry it around and access pertinent information at meetings.
  • With a screen size larger than a smartphone, you can comfortably read books and watch movies on the go.
  • As with phones, there are several connectivity options, such as WiFi and 4G, keeping you connected at all times.
  • Many Android tablets are compatible with other devices, making it possible for you to sync data.


At Blackview, we have an Android tablet to suit any budget and lifestyle, whether you need it for work or play or to keep the kids entertained.


Providing Value Beyond Expectations


We have made our Android tablets affordable to all, including the Blackview Active 8 Pro Rugged Tablet, specifically designed for those that require a substantially hardy device in the field. Considered a specialised tablet due to its unique blueprint, this mobile device has become indispensable amongst emergency responders, construction workers, research personnel, and the manufacturing industry, to name a few. When working outdoors or under harsh conditions, you need a tablet that:


  • Offers durability and the ability to withstand drops onto hard surfaces
  • Can handle extremely high and low temperatures
  • Can be used in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain
  • Is not affected by direct sunlight  


We Have Thought of the Kids Too


No longer do parents need to fretfully watch over their little ones when using your Android tablet, as we have applied the same rugged design of the Blackview Active 8 Pro Rugged Tablet to our Tab5 Kids Edition Android tablet. With all-in-one parental controls, you get to limit the amount of screen time, set educational goals, and manage content, keeping your kids safe while they use it. Your kids will enjoy the comfortable widescreen and immersive experience so much that you might have quiet movie nights more often than you think.


Perfect for Professionals


Enhanced with additional security and privacy settings, the Blackview Tab 12 Pro is ideal for professionals on the go. The eye-protection mode reduces blue light, which comes in handy if lengthy reports need to be read and revised. Power-saving settings and a 6580mAh battery won’t let you down when meetings run for longer than anticipated.


Established in 2014, we at Blackview have fast become the industry leader of rugged smartphones. Taking the robust design of our rugged range through to our Android tablets has allowed us to offer the South African market with devices as tough as they are. Contact us and we will gladly assist you in finding an affordable tablet that meets your requirements.