Power That Lasts: Exploring the Best Big Battery Phone for Endurance


When it comes to having a phone, you need to be able to rely on the battery life, especially when your profession or activities take you to remote places. A big battery phone affords you the opportunity of seeking less travelled paths, exploring underground caverns, and excavating for ancient artifacts without fear of your phone letting you down. With many phone makers opting for wider system functionality, it’s no wonder that adventure seekers and remote operators rely on South Africa’s tough and robust brand that offers extended battery life – Blackview.


What is a Big Battery Phone?


Having a big battery phone doesn’t necessarily translate into having a big phone. What it means is that the battery life in the phone will last longer than your average smartphone. Advancements in technology enable you to make smart choices when it comes to mobile devices, with more buyers turning to increased battery life over the aesthetics. With a Blackview big battery phone, you get the benefit of extended battery life together with a visually appealing phone.


The Convenience of a Big Battery Phone


As phones need power and can’t run on batteries, what happens when your battery life starts to falter and there is nowhere you can charge your phone? The answer is simple – you turn your sights on investing in a Blackview extended battery life phone.


Often, it is not ideal to go backpacking or hiking or conduct on-site visits with your smartphone plugged into a battery charger. A big battery phone means not having to rely on external chargers all the time or having to be near a plug point. An extended battery provides you with more convenience as you no longer have to be within 20 minutes of an electrical outlet. Your phone is your mobile office, and having a big battery phone gives you the tools to answer emails, calls, and messages, and even conduct a meeting or two without fear of your battery losing power.


Selecting from our range of rugged phones means that you no longer have to switch your phone off to preserve the battery or go to the nearest coffee shop to charge your phone.


Tips to Extend Your Battery Life


Here are a few tips to extend the battery life of your phone:


  • We use the latest operating software to boost your battery’s backup but suggest that should your activities take you out of range longer than even we can anticipate, you consider cutting out background apps that aren’t necessarily used or needed and recording apps that use up too much power. By doing this, you can do your bit to automatically extend your big battery phone.


  • Switching to a 5G network can also take its toll on the battery, so before you do this, perhaps you should double-check the amount of battery life that you have left and switch over to 4G instead.


  • As confident as we are about our software, make sure that the one you select has a good processor as well as superior cooling as these two factors make a significant impact on a battery’s life.


Blackview Phones Have Been Designed to Endure


At Blackview, we have taken smart technology and combined it with a rugged exterior and enhanced features that not only extend your battery life but that also gives you a phone that can withstand the harshest environments and still capture crystalline pictures when attempting daunting escapades. Contact us to find out more about the extended battery life on our rugged phones.