Waterproof Smartphone: Your Questions Answered


Many people fear destroying their expensive mobile handsets in the rain, water or liquid. The problem of waterproofing is a crucial one, with our society becoming more reliant on electronic devices. The solution is a handset that can be immersed in the water. A waterproof smartphone will ensure that your precious data is not damaged and deleted because of spills and rain.


To help you decide whether it is worth the extra cost to buy a handset that you can drop in the bath or use in the rain, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about these types of rugged handsets.


What Makes a Smartphone Waterproof?


These mobile communication devices are built with a special sealant that prevents water from seeping into the device and damaging it. The sealant is a thin layer of rubber that is placed on all the ports, buttons, and other openings of the phone.


What is the Best Type of Screen for a Waterproof Smartphone?


The best type of screen is a touch screen. Touch screens are more expensive than other types of screens, but they are worth it because they are more durable and easier to use in water.


Why is There an IP68 and IP69 Rating for Smartphones?


With the rise of smartphones and their increasing popularity, people have become more careless with them. With all the new advancements in technology, it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways to protect their phones from water damage. To ensure that phones are safe from water damage, it is important to purchase handsets that have been tested according to an internationally accepted standard. 



These ratings ensure that the phone has been tested to be resistant to water penetration and can withstand immersion in water for up to thirty minutes at depths of not more than 1,5 metres. It is possible for a handset to be protected against water penetration at a deeper level or for a longer time, but the ratings indicate the range of depth and length at which these handsets have been tested. Thus, it is better not to test the odds. Rather use the handset within the perimeters set by the manufacturer.


What are the Benefits of Waterproof Smartphones?


The device that can be submerged in water without experiencing any damage certainly holds a few advantages over conventional mobile handsets. This feature is especially useful for people who spend a lot of time near water or work in an environment that requires them to be around water.


You can use the handset in the rain while others have to hide their handsets. This makes it well-suited for outdoor use and worth the purchase even if your only outdoor activity is a late afternoon jog.


You can answer your phone even if your hands are wet. This means it can go into the bathroom with you without the risk of being damaged by moisture or being dropped accidentally in the bathtub. You can listen to music while tanning on a floating device, take it with you on a canoeing trip or use it while you exercise without fear of it undergoing damage due to moisture or wetness.


What is an Example of a Phone that Can Be Used in Water?


The Blackview BV6300 Pro has an IP68 rating and is considered one of the best mid-range handsets in this category. Have a look at the BV6300 Pro here.


Where Can You Buy an Affordable Waterproof Smartphone in South Africa?


View the extensive range of Blackview rugged handsets, made to withstand harsh environments. Place your order online for delivery anywhere in South Africa.