Why You Cannot Go Without a Big Battery Phone


Mobile handsets have become the most useful devices in modern society. These handsets are used for communication, gaming, browsing the Internet, webinars, video conferences, and more. Big battery phones are no longer luxuries. Instead, larger batteries are essential to power devices that are used for navigation, flashlights, alarms, clocks, cameras, barometers, and even thermal imaging.


These handsets also serve as mini computers, tracking devices and important storage devices. Considering the importance of the handsets, it is no wonder that one of the first things people take note of when buying a new mobile handset is the size of the battery. Here are some benefits of a big battery phone, just in case you think sleek features are the most important:


  • Constant supply of power during load shedding
  • Operational handset in case of having to make an emergency call
  • An essential device that can be used for navigation, listening to music and communication for at least two days while camping or hiking
  • 24 hours of battery life before having to recharge it
  • Handset with a longer life because of fewer recharges needed
  • No need to always have a charge bank at hand when travelling
  • More convenience as you can do more with your handset before recharging it.
  • No fear of being out of reach or being dropped from an important call because the battery can handle the workload and less frequent recharging


Now that you know why a big battery phone is essential, you might be wondering which handset to buy. Read on as we introduce one of the Blackview rugged outdoor handsets, featuring an impressive battery size.


Meet the BV6600 Range of Big Battery Phones


These handsets are exceptionally durable and come with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, giving you fast operation and ample essential storage space. But what makes these handsets stand out is the 8580mAh battery. With these, you can watch your favourite series, browse the Internet, keep in touch on social media, share photos, download documents, navigate, listen to music, and game for hours on end without having to recharge.


In fact, these handsets boast up to 33 days of standby time, which add up to more than a month. If you’re in a remote area waiting to be rescued, then you’ll want this type of handset at your side, especially considering that it offers up to 18 days of WiFi or 4G time.


You would expect such a handset to be bulky. But thanks to Blackview’s engineering genius, these handsets are as slim and sleek in design as modern smartphones, just more durable. They are also drop-, water- and dustproof with IP68 and IP69 ratings. This means you can drop your handset up to 1,5 metres, pick it up and then drop it in water to a depth of 1,5 metres, followed by a roll in the sand, and it will still work. Don’t take our word for it – have a look at the BV6600 now.


Ready to Buy a Big Battery Phone That’s Worth It?


View the full range of Blackview rugged outdoor handsets for an overview of big battery phones that offer longer operation time and can withstand harsh weather elements.