Blackview Outdoor Phones: Rugged and Versatile to Meet Your Needs


If you work as an engineer, surveyor, project manager or field guide, you want an outdoor phone that is rugged, durable and features a large battery. You cannot opt for a handset that doesn’t have a drop-, dust- and waterproof casing since sand, debris, water or fall damage is a reality when working outdoors.


Blackview has fast gained international recognition for manufacturing heavy duty handsets suitable for operation in rain, dust, and extreme temperatures. The Blackview BL6000 Pro range is the manufacturer’s mid to higher-end selection that deserves a special mention because of the large battery capacity and useful functions, as well as rugged features. Let’s take a closer look.


BL6000 Pro Rugged Smartphone


Battery life is the one thing you cannot compromise on if you work on construction sites that are far from charge points or are a farmer working out in the field for an entire day. The handset comes with a 5280 mAh battery, giving you many hours of standby, Wi-Fi time and full operation before you need to recharge. It is 5G enabled, making it a suitable future-proof handset, ready for the new standard in mobile communication.


It comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, meaning it has enough memory so you can watch videos, play games, communicate, and store photos without slowing down operations. The Android 10 operating system also adds to the speed of operation, in addition to the powerful processor.


This handset stands out for additional features, such as the heart rate monitor, making it a great device to have on hand if you’re a rescue worker, fitness fanatic or simply someone who wants to keep tabs on your health. The barometer is another useful feature, in addition to its GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS-enabled features for optimal navigation.


Taking pictures is a pleasure as the BL6000 Pro comes with a 16MP Samsung® front camera and a 48MP Sony® triple rear camera. Add to the already extensive list of specifications the fact that it can operate in extreme temperatures, and you have a rugged handset that will impress by any standard.


It comes with fingerprint unlocking for security and dual SIM capability. Of course, what makes it perfect for outdoor usage is the fact that it is waterproof and drop-proof for up to 1,5 metres and dust-proof. What more can you want from a mid-range priced phone? Perhaps the fact that it is light enough to keep on hand without feeling like a brick is another reason to consider it as your first choice for an affordable, quality rugged handset.


Alternatively, Choose an Outdoor Phone with a Thermal Image Camera


Blackview is known for adding features that users want in outdoor phones like thermal imaging, as available in the BV6600 Pro with Thermal Camera, which ranks amongst the best budget thermal imaging handsets in the mid-price range.


It comes with Android 11 as the newest operating system and a thermal imaging camera. This can be used to spot animals in the dark, find trespassers lurking behind a bush, especially if you’re a law enforcement officer, see whether there is heat on a pipe if you’re an engineer, and find a buddy in the bush at night if you’re camping. View more information on this versatile handset here.


These are only two of the many rugged outdoor phones available from Blackview. View the full range to find a handset that meets your budget, work requirements or adventurous outdoor lifestyle.