Meet the Blackview BV5900: Why You Should Pre-Order Now


The Blackview BV5900 is a robust rugged smartphone in the economy price range. If you’re wondering what the handset is about, read on to discover more about its features.


Lightweight Design Despite Being a Robust Outdoor Smartphone


If you’re an office worker, know that your colleagues will be impressed with the rubberised back casing and edges to cover the display together with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 making this a drop-proof handset. But what will impress them even more is the lightweight design. Weighing only 268 grams, it is lighter than most conventional smartphones that feature large battery capacity.


Meets Military Standards for Water-, Dust- and Waterproof Features


Many handsets are splash-resistant, but a smartphone that’s equally well-suited for outdoor and office functions that is also completely waterproof must make the news. And the Blackview BV5900 makes the grade. It meets MIL-STD 810 standards for being water-, dust- and drop-proof, meaning it has passed some pretty strict standards and tests.


You can drop it at 1,5 metres, immerse the Blackview BV5900 in water for up to 30 minutes and operate it in a dusty environment, making it far superior to the average smartphone, but with an affordable price tag. A rubber cover protects the USB-C port, which adds to the dust-proof features of the handset. This type of cover also protects the audio port.


How Does the BV5900 Compare on the Performance End?


Although the handset only has 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM, for the price range in which it sells, this is standard. It has a MediaTek Helio A22 quad-core processor, which is quite decent and compares well with conventional smartphones in this price range. Unlike many handsets in this price range, the Blackview BV5900’s external casing doesn’t heat up because of full-speed operation and heavy workload.


What About Dual SIM Capability?


This is where the handset also outperforms conventional smartphones in the same price range. It has dual SIM capability, and you don’t need a SIM tool to open the micro SD card or dual SIM functionality.


WLAN Enabled


The handset is WLAN- and 4G-enabled, giving you a smartphone that works well on the current communication standard in South Africa.


Ease of Access


Fingerprint lock security helps to protect against unauthorised access to the phone, which is located at the right side of the handset’s casing edge. Although this may seem an unusual place for it, it does help to improve security since most users won’t think of looking for it there. The touchscreen surface is sensitive enough for easy gliding to open the handset for quick access.

Snapshot Selfie and Standard Quick-taking Camera Features


The Blackview BV5900 comes with a 13 megapixel camera. The main camera is great for taking quick snapshots and sufficient for out-and-about picture-snapping activities. The front 5 megapixel camera adds to the picture-taking functionality.


Long Battery Life


The handset stands out for its long battery life. It comes with a 5580 mAh battery, giving it good backup power and ensuring you don’t have to rush to reach a recharge point.


Should You Buy the Blackview BV5900?


If you’re looking for a rugged handset that looks great in the office and outdoors and want one that compares well with smartphones in the affordable to lower-mid price range, then the answer is yes. If you want a handset that is water-, dust- and drop-proof with rubberised edges to protect against screen breakage, the answer is also yes, especially if you don’t want to empty your savings account to get it.


Where to Get More Bargains on Heavy Duty Smartphones


Finally, if you want a handset that stays cool during hot summer days, then the Blackview BV5900 is also a good buy, especially if you need a large battery capacity. Look at the full rugged smartphone range for more information on other outdoor rugged handsets available.