You Can Now Get a Waterproof Rugged Smartphone with Super-Cool Features


Does a waterproof rugged smartphone mean you have to compromise on performance, appearance and functionality? Let’s find out.


Blackview BV6600


BV6600 – state-of-the-art technology in a breathtakingly beautiful smartphone


This smartphone is not only as durable as it gets, but it’s also attractive. What about performance? How does a powerful processor sound? It comes with MT6762V/WD and 4 GB RAM. With such, you will be able to take pictures, store photos, answer calls, stream videos and more without having to wait for a response.


It has 64 ROM and comes with external memory support for up to 128 GB. This means you can add a memory card to expand your storage capacity.


The 5,7-inch IPS LCD+ 720*1440 screen gives you enough viewing space to play games, type documents and watch movies almost as if you’re doing so on a tablet size screen.


What sets this waterproof rugged smartphone apart?


The answer lies with its non-removable 8580 mAh lithium-polymer battery. With such a large battery, you have long intervals between charges. Go on a weekend outdoors trip without having to worry about getting to the next recharge point.


The dual SIM capacity makes it possible to have two numbers on one phone. Now you can separate work from your private life with two numbers and still use only one handset.


When it comes to the outdoors, functions such as ambient light, gyroscope, proximity, accelerometer and compass make trips a breeze. Find your way even if you don’t know your North from your South. See on your screen even when it’s dark.


With 4G support you have excellent download speed to get maps, directions, documents, games and movies on your phone. It even comes with a 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera for quality pictures wherever you are.


Drop and waterproof certified, this is one handset that you can take with to the office, construction sites, the beach, mountains and fishing trips. Learn more about the robust, but attractive handset here.


BV6300 Pro – take it up a notch with this IP68 rated waterproof rugged smartphone


Impressed with the BV6600 features? Wait until you read about the BV6300 Pro. Not only does it come with an Octa-Core Helio P70 processor that gives it super performance, but it also has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. With this handset you already have enough storage space for large files, plenty high-quality pictures, tons of apps and your favourite videos. It comes with the latest Android 10 operating system, ensuring you are not left on the side when it comes to apps and compatibility.


The 13 Mp front and 16 Mp rear cameras enable you to take pictures worthy of awards because of the clarity achievable.


It’s GPS and GLONASS enabled, so navigation will be a breeze.


The NFC feature makes it secure and easy to unlock if it’s your phone. It has even more to offer. Find out here.


Where to get super quality and very trendy waterproof rugged smartphones?


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