Can You Still Get Durable Cell Phones for Outdoor Environments at Bargain Prices?


If someone told you that you could get durable cell phones at bargain prices, you might still imagine such handsets to cost thousands. Not true, the public outcries about broken screens, batteries that don’t last and handsets that stop working when someone just mentions water splash, have not fallen on deaf ears. At least not for one manufacturer.


BV5500 Durable Cellphones


Blackview offers an extensive range of durable cell phones, priced at affordable prices. Because each handset in the collection of rugged outdoor phones is made for harsh operating environments, even the entry-level cell phones outperform handsets from other brands.


Blackview’s durable cell phones are taking over the market and for good reasons:


  • Affordable entry-level handsets that are even more perdurable than expensive smartphones from competitor brands.
  • Useful features and no gimmicks make these handsets the talk of the town.
  • Stunning designs to fit modern-day fashion trends.
  • Long battery lives, giving you more operating time between charges.
  • Powerful processing chips for optimal performance.
  • Strong cases and screens to handle bumps and shocks.
  • State-of-the-art cameras for taking pictures on the go.
  • Modern operating systems.


These are the general features, even present in the entry-level price range. Take a look at two of the entry-level and mid-range durable cell phones available at bargain prices:


BV5500 – Bargain of all times


Need durable cell phones for your workers at site?  Then this handset with its spacious 5,5-inch screen, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB memory will meet the requirement. It comes with the latest and fast operating system of Android 10 and has a quad-core processor for fast operating.


The handset has a 5 MP front and 8 MP +0,3 MP rear camera to take quality pictures. It has GPS, so they will be able to navigate their way to the next project point. The 4400 mAh battery gives sufficient operating time between recharges.


Fitted with Gorilla Glass 3, the screen is strong enough to handle the occasional bumps. With the IP68 rating, you have the assurance of a handset that’s water-resistant enough to handle a drop into a pool of water (up to 30 minutes) and still operate. View more information on this affordable, but ever so rugged handset here.


BV4900 4G NFC – affordable durable cell phones for outdoor fun and work in one


This handset has a 5,7-inch screen, giving you a conveniently sized screen for watching movies and performing work functions. The quad-core Helio A22 processor gives it superb processing power, enabling you to play games, download, type messages and take pictures without having to wait for it to respond. It has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB memory.


Fitted with Android 10 as operating system and 4G enabled, this is a handset made for modern-day outdoor adventures and daily operation in harsh environments. You have long operating time between recharges with the 5580 mAh battery and will appreciate the camera capacity. Fitted with a 5 MP front together with the rear Sony IMX 134 8.0 MP camera, you can take high-quality pictures wherever you are.


It has a dual SIM, making it possible to have two numbers on one handset. It’s fitted with GPS & GLONASS capability with modern fingerprint recognition for optimal security. Did we mention it’s IP68 waterproof, which means you can use it in the rain, drop it in a shallow pool of water and use it directly afterwards? View this amazingly affordable, yet strong handset now.


Ready for more?


These are only two of the very affordable the durable cell phones in our range. Check out the rest of the collection for handsets that are dust, drop and waterproof, and come with features ranging from thermal imaging and 5G, to super-fast processing and stunning designs.