Discover a Durable Smartphone With Features for Top Performance


Do you regularly spend time outdoors or work in harsh operating conditions? Tired of mobile devices with cracked screens, poor voice quality because of dust penetration and charge ports that don’t work? Then it is time to look for a durable smartphone.


Durable Smartphone Range


However, a durable smartphone shouldn’t look like a brick and certainly shouldn’t fall short on performance. If you still want the envy of colleagues because of your attractive handset, or the praise of people for your amazing photographic abilities, then you’ll want a Blackview outdoor smartphone.


Let’s introduce you to the BV9900E, giving you an indication of what we mean with a durable smartphone that doesn’t lack style, performance and functionality.


BV9900E 4G Quad Rear Camera


It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a freezer where the temperature is as low as -30°C or out in the desert, this handset keeps its cool, making it perfect for the mountain climber, traveller and cold storage manager alike.


It comes with Android 10.0, which is the latest operating system for maximum functionality and app compatibility. With 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, you can save hundreds of pictures, quite a few videos, large files, and maps without running out of space or slowing down response. Add to that, the Octa-Core Helio P90 processor, and you have unrivalled processing power and speed for quick response and the ability to handle complex processes without having to wait.


The 5,84-inch FHD+ waterdrop screen gives it a modern and attractive look. But unlike many smartphones with waterdrop screens, this one won’t break as it has Gorilla 5 glass.


With the 4380 mAh battery you won’t be one of the people always looking for a place to recharge. And the 18 W wired together with 10 W wireless recharge mean it will charge quickly when it has to refill on its energy.


Here’s what you have been waiting for: Sony 48 MP quad rear camera and 16 MP ultra-wide angle camera. With these, landscape pictures can be taken, while the quality of the images will impress even professional photographers.


It comes with NFC for easy unlocking to ensure you can answer or use the durable smartphone without having to type a long password or play around with swipes that don’t work.


Find your way wherever you are with the GPS and GLONASS enabled smartphone.


Now for the durability factors – IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STDD-810 mean you don’t have to worry about screen breakage when you drop the handset on the floor or in the water. It’s dustproof, which means the microphones will last and so will the recharge ports. This means you can drop it up to 1,5 metres, pick it up and use it as if nothing has happened. The same holds true if you use it in the rain or drop it in the tub.


Take it to the beach, a construction site, Mount Everest, mall or the office as it is durable, functional and stunningly gorgeous.


Wrapping it up


The BV9900E is only one of many durable smartphones in our collection. With protected corners, extra-strong casings, and a range of useful functions in each, our handsets offer true value for money.


Want to see what else we offer? Find a handset that’s perfect for you. View the entire collection of outdoor durable smartphones here.