10 Things You Can Do Better with the BV9800 as the Best Waterproof Smartphone of 2021


PC Guide placed the BV9800 Pro Waterproof Smartphone at the top of the list for best outdoor mobile handsets in 2021. Does the handset deserve the prestigious spot? Read on as we journey through the benefits of owning this exclusive and sought-after handset to determine if it lives up to its reputation.


Waterproof Smartphone


Who benefits from owning a BV9800 Pro waterproof smartphone?


If you love the outdoors and enjoy water sports such as canoeing or fishing, you most probably will want a handset that doesn’t mind the occasional splash of water. It’s also recommended if you work in construction, engineering, cold storage or rescue services. It’s even a solid mobile handset for hikers, cyclists and anyone likely to drop their handset once in a while. The BV9800 Pro is well-suited for fire-fighters, anti-poach rangers, game rangers, hunters and law enforcement officers. Do you enjoy going to the beach? Then this is also a superb choice as a rugged waterproof smartphone. Have a quick look at its amazing features here or read on to discover its many benefits.


  1. You Can Drop It in the Water and It Will Still Work


The smartphone is waterproof certified up to 1,5 metres for up to 30 minutes at a time. This means you can work in the rain, a humid environment, on a ship where water spray is a given or adventure through rivers as part of your “kloofing” or adventure hiking experiences without having to worry that the handset will stop working when it gets wet.


  1. At Last, You Can Have a Smartphone That’s Safe to Use on the Beach or a Dusty Environment


Not only is it a waterproof smartphone, but it is also dust-proof, which means the voice recorder, audio plugs and battery charge components are protected against dust penetration. This makes it a well-suited choice for carpenters, mechanics and construction workers likely to work in environments where fine dust particles are expected. Even if you put a smartphone in your pocket, the audio parts can be affected by the dirt particles that can enter the system. Not so with the BV9800 that is fully dust-proof.


  1. Say Goodbye to Cracked Screens with the Drop-Proof Feature


Although it is possible to get a waterproof smartphone that’s also dust-proof, having one that’s also drop-proof up to at least 1,5 metres is an exceptional benefit. The robust casing gives the body extra strength. Add to such, the Gorilla 5 glass, and you can already see how this is the handset that will last for years even if it is dropped a couple of times.


  1. Find a Heat Source at Night with the Use of the Rear Thermal Imaging Dual Camera


Thermal imaging may seem like a gimmick, but if you are out camping and want to know what’s lurking in the bush at night, you will appreciate the thermal imaging of the BV9800. Likewise, the thermal imaging camera even makes it possible to collect evidence of the animal in the bush.


But thermal imaging is not just suitable for finding a wild animal in the woods at night. Instead, it can help improve workplace safety as you can use it to determine if an item is still too hot to touch. If you’re operating in law enforcement, it can help you determine if someone is hiding in the dark, while, as a rescue worker, you can find a lost person in the woods even if it is dark, with the help of thermal imaging. You can even measure the heat sources.


  1. Find Your Way Anywhere in the World


With this rugged waterproof smartphone, you can find your way around wherever you are as it is GPS + GLONASS + BEIDOU enabled for optimal navigation.  It is also a 4G handset with Android 9 as the operating system. Lost in the wild outdoors? Not to worry, as it comes with compass support. Even if you don’t know North from South, you can find your way with this feature in combination with the GPS support.


  1. Fast Processor for High Performance When You Need It


Forget about slow smartphones with limited storage space and equally limited memory. The BV9800 comes with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. It also features the powerful Octa-Core MT 6771V/CT processor. These features give you speed, reliable operation, fast and superb processing power, and enough storage space for your entire trip’s pictures and videos.


  1. No Need to Recharge Every Few Hours


Going hiking or camping? Then you’ll want a waterproof smartphone that doesn’t need to be recharged twice a day. This handset features a 6580 mAh battery, giving you up to two days of standard operation before you need to recharge it. The battery life is superior in comparison with the standard smartphone battery.


  1. As Secure as It Gets Without Hindering Your Handset Access


It’s frustrating if your device has so many built-in security features that you cannot answer it in time or access essentials when needed. Fortunately, the BV9800 Pro is not one of them. It comes with facial ID and fingerprint recognition for optimal security, but instead of slowing down your authorised access, it speeds it up. With this, you can gain authorised access in only 0,1 second.


  1. Take Pictures at Night Without Compromising on Image Quality


Chances are, you will want to take pictures of your campsite at night or even the mountains at dawn. With the night mode, picture taking is as easy and convenient as in the day. With this mode, you can capture the magnificence of the night sky with a single shot.


  1. Charge Without an Ethernet-Based Connection


Want to charge the handset without having to plug it into an ethernet-based connection point? Now you can still make a phone call while charging the handset as it comes with wireless charge functionality.


So, Where to Buy This Amazing Waterproof Smartphone?

Ready to get a handset that’s shock, water, dust and drop-proof enough to take it on mountains, on adventure trips, at construction sites, as part of rescue operations, and more? Then don’t delay. Buy the BV9800 at our special price here.