Get the Best Outdoor Phone for 2021 for Reliable Communication and Help in the Wild


How many mobile phones have you dropped over the past five years? Have you ever had to go out in the rain with your handset? How many handsets have you had to pay an exuberant amount to have the screen or battery replaced? Why these questions? Simply because regular mobile handsets cannot compare to the best outdoor phone in 2021.


Can already hear you ask about size, appearance, and performance. These features may have been left behind in the design of outdoor phones way back when handsets were still as big and heavy as bricks, but not today, and most certainly not if you buy a Blackview handset. Don’t believe it? Have a look at the range of outdoor phones here.


Rugged Outdoor Phone 


What if you could have an outdoor phone that would suit your drive for adventure without compromising on your sense of style?  The Blackview BV9800 Pro is the handset to buy if you want an outdoor phone with which you can impress other executives, top adventurers and every person who feasts their eyes on the modern-looking yet rugged handset. But handsets are more than just pretty looks, aren’t they?


Picked As the Best Outdoor Phone for 2021


PC Guide has given it a standing applause in their review of the best outdoor phones for 2021, and we know they do thorough comparisons. If the expert reviewers put this handset on a pedestal, you can bet that having it will put you one up on anybody who doesn’t own one. Prestige and bragging rights set aside, what makes the BV9800 Pro the best outdoor phone for 2021? Read on as we explore some of the many reasons this handset stands out.


You Can Spot an Animal in The Dark Based on Heat


It’s the first of its kind rugged smart mobile handset to feature Dual SIM Dual 4G Standby and it comes with the impressive FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera with the ability to track and take a picture of a heat source as hot as 400°C. What can be cooler than being able to see images in the dark or behind trees based on the heat they give off? With this feature, you are able to spot an animal in the bush at night, can see if a criminal is hiding in your garden, how hot an item is before touching it, such as when you work with machinery, etc. As a survival tool, the thermal imaging camera is an indispensable feature.


An Outdoor Phone That Can Handle Extreme Temperatures and Environmental Conditions


Climb mountains in freezing conditions, track through a hot desert or stay in a humid cave without having to worry that your handset won’t survive it. This unique handset has superb extreme temperature, solar radiation and high humidity resistance. This means you can take it with you when you climb Mount Everest or track through the Namibian desert.


Go Up to Two Days Without Having to Recharge


The handset comes with wireless charge functionality, making it easy to charge without having to plug it into an Ethernet-connected socket. For life on-the-go, this feature is certainly one to keep in mind. But what is more impressive is how long the battery can last. No need to rush back home after a day in the woods to recharge the handset. It comes with a 6580 mAh battery that lasts up to 48 hours on standard use before you have to recharge it.


Venture Through Mud, Sand and Rivers While Having Your Camera and Communication Device


Even when covered in plastic, the conventional handsets often rebel against canoe trips in the wild. You try your best to keep the handset dry and yet, water seeps into the plastic bag to ruin it. Not so with the BV9800 Pro, which is waterproof up to 1,5 metres for 30 minutes. It can survive muddy pools and dusty environments because it is also completely dust-proof.


When you climb over rocks, have to get in and out of taxis on a backpacking adventure, or work on a construction site, the chances of dropping the phone on its screen are real. Here’s the good news – this handset is also drop-proof and comes with a Gorilla Glass 5 screen, giving it super resistance to breakage. It’s not the kind of handset that will break when in your pocket upon your first sit-down after a long hike.


Get Information Fast and Operate Several Features at Once with This High-Performance Handset


One of the issues with regular outdoor phones is that the devices are often slow in performance. It’s not the case with this handset that’s powered by the super-powerful AI Master Helio P70 processor, which also gives you superb image capacity. The added 128 GB ROM and equally impressive 6 GB RAM also add to its speed and processing capacity. With this handset, you won’t be the one that has to wait for pages to load or constantly need to delete files to get it to work at high speed when you want to play games.


Looks Count and You Can Impress with A Mobile Device That’s as Sexy as It’s Robust


Understandably, people with a heightened sense of style, shy away from rugged handsets because they want devices that can fit in their pockets, look in place even in a boardroom, and don’t look like something from the early days of cellphones. Blackview understands that a mobile device is also an extension of a person’s style. To this end, the sleek and modern look of the BV9800 Pro is what sets it apart from most other rugged handsets in appearance. It competes well with slim-style handsets while the attractive large screen makes browsing and communication a breeze.


Quick Access to Your Device Essentials Without Compromising on Security


With handsets now also being used as the vehicles for virtual purses and accounts synced with online bank accounts, you cannot afford to risk security breaches. With face recognition together with fingerprint scanning security, the handset is highly secure. This doesn’t mean you have to struggle to answer when it rings, quickly stop the alarm or access essential features. The fingerprint and face recognition technology is as modern and streamlined as it gets, meaning you can securely access your device in 0,1 seconds. That’s fast beyond imagination.


What’s the Verdict?


If you want a state-of-the-art high-end, super-strong yet stunning looking outdoor phone that can take the beating, help you navigate, spot animals at night, take cool pictures, while also not requiring recharge every few hours, then the BV9800 Pro is for you. It deserves its rank as the best rugged handset for 2021. Don’t delay getting the best handset. View the full specifications and photos here and take hold of the special deal we offer for a limited time only.