Do You Really Need a Waterproof Smartphone?


How important is it to get a waterproof smartphone? For a rescue worker, it is a must. Chances are that they will drop their handset in water at least once in the course of duty. For a snorkeller, having a handset that can resist water to 1,5 metres deep is certainly a bonus. This means being able to take pictures from the top and send them to friends immediately after.


A waterproof feature is kind of like an insurance for your smartphone. Haven’t you dropped your handset in a toilet bowl before? What about the bath? Or did your handset rebel at all the moisture in the bathroom at one or another stage?


So, maybe you are perfect and not the kind of person to drop your smartphone in the sea on the day when a Level 5 Lockdown commences? Think it isn’t possible? Well, it happened to someone just after taking a picture to remember their last visit to the beach for a while. It could have been you. Not even all the insurance in the world made a difference to that person. They lost a special memory forever with no chance of retrieving the photos on their smartphone, even though they got their phone back.

 Blackview Waterproof Smartphone

Tear-droppers aside, do you really need a waterproof smartphone? Let’s investigate whether having one makes a difference. Let’s also clear up misunderstandings about “waterproof smartphones” and check out where you can buy handsets at competitive prices.


What Is Meant by Waterproof Smartphone?


Waterproof means that no water can enter the phone’s body, regardless of how immersed the smartphone is and for what duration. Of course, it can be certified as waterproof up to a certain depth, but it is also important to set the duration. To this end, most smartphones that are so-called “waterproof” are only water-resistant.


With that clarified, let’s take a closer look at the certification aspect. If you want to buy a handset that can be dropped in the water or stay immersed for a period, buy one that has been certified. For instance, an IP68 certification of up to 1,5 metres for a duration of up to 30 minutes is ideal. If it doesn’t come with the certification, then don’t buy it. Fortunately, Blackview waterproof smartphones come with the certification. We also state up to what depth and for how long the handsets are waterproof.


What It Doesn’t Mean


You cannot leave the smartphone in the washing machine for a wash cycle of 45 minutes and expect it to be fine. Leaving it in a bowl of water (even as shallow as 100 ml) overnight will certainly affect its ability to switch on, never mind operate. Abusive use is, of course, not recommended. Know the limits of IP68 certification.


On the other hand, the handset may still be fine if it is in the water at a level of 1,2 metres for say, 31 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes, although no guarantees apply here. High-pressure fluid spray is also not the same as a handset immersed in fluid. Make sure you understand the rating. If the handset can be exposed to high-pressure spray or higher temperature fluid, then it will be rated accordingly.


We have thus already cleared up the confusion about waterproof and water-resistant. If the handset cannot be immersed, it is simply splash-proof. You now also know where you can buy these handsets. Let’s move on to discover why you need a waterproof smartphone.


Cost of Replacement


Even with insurance for the handset, the cost of replacing it can be high. Most people don’t walk around with money to waste, so it’s a new phone after a single incident.


How Probable is an Immersion or Moisture Exposure?


SquareTrade conducted a survey back in 2012 with quite a few handset owners participating. According to the results of the survey, 27% of the handset owners whose phones were damaged noted that liquid exposure was the cause. Almost a third of users reported that they have damaged their handsets in the twelve months preceding the survey. And from that group, almost a third contributed the damage to some type of liquid exposure. So, we are not exaggerating when we state there is a reasonable probability that your handset can be immersed in water sometime during its usage.


Another study by Paxo showed that about 19% of smartphone users will at one stage or another drop their handsets in the toilet bowl. So, even if you don’t venture outside and are not the type of person to go swimming with your smartphone in hand, the risk of having to say goodbye to your handset after a visit to the bathroom is real.


Not yet convinced that a rugged waterproof smartphone is a must-have and not a luxury? Then consider that, according to the SquareTrade survey, more than 50% of cellphone accidents occur at home. So, even if you have a recluse lifestyle, your handset can become the victim of a water spill, drop in the toilet, swim in the bath or spray from the shower.


Hygiene and Your Handset


If 2020/2021 has shown us anything, it is that hygiene is a priority in preventing the spread of disease. Your hands touch millions of microbes daily…and then you use the touchscreen of your handset. The phone will not get sick but you, on the other hand, are human and susceptible to infections. If you have a waterproof smartphone, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth without fearing the worst. In fact, a bright and clear screen makes it easier to read your text messages.


More Usable


How many times do people call when you are in the shower or bath? Wet hands make it difficult to answer, but even if your hands or hair drip water all over the handset, you can use it, provided it is waterproof.




So, what you can take away from the article is that a waterproof smartphone is worth its price. To shop for an entire range of competitively priced ones, start with our range of rugged smartphones right here.