The Best Budget Rugged Smartphone for 2022 to Offer Superb Value for Money


If you haven’t managed to get the best rugged smartphone last year, don’t despair. Blackview handsets are noted as up there with the best in the Top Ten Best Rugged Smartphones of 2022 lists of many reviewers. To this end, let’s take a closer look at one of the budget outdoor handsets that can take a beating, whether it is temperature-wise, a drop on the floor or in the water, or exposure to dust in a workshop.


BV4900 4G NFS is one of the best rugged phones and is light on your wallet in 2022


Only the BV4900s 5.7 inch 4G is priced cheaper than this handset in the Blackview range, but what makes this the ultimate choice in the lower price range is that the BV4900 is more than ruggedised. It is as heavy duty as it gets for an affordable price. Available in black, green, yellow and orange, the handset is often sold out because it has all the bells and whistles of heavy-duty handsets, but at a price for a regular quality smartphone.


The rugged handset has every essential you need for an outdoor operation environment, including the advanced Sony® IMX134 8MP rear camera for capturing memorable moments, and a quick-and-easy face unlocking 5MP camera for your best-looking selfie moments.


With the NFC functionality, you can use Google pay and share information with other mobile handsets, while the 4G enablement means being able to connect fast. It comes with 32GB storage, enough to store 50 episodes of a series, as many as 4000 photos, or a music album of 300 songs. To add more storage, just insert a 128GB TF card.


Since screen damage is one of the major concerns with regular smartphones, you will be glad to know that with this heavy-duty handset the screen has been set a little lower than the surrounding frame. If you drop it face-flat, the surrounding frame protects it. The screen is also just that extra bit thicker to prevent unsightly cracks resulting from a drop.


Another problem with regular handsets is the short lifespan often associated with the budget mobile types. If you go camping, hiking or even just enjoying some off-grid time, you’ll want a handset with a battery that can last a while. With the BV4900 4G NFC, you don’t have to worry about a battery dying on you during the weekend. It comes with a 5580mAh battery, which means several hours of operation before a recharge is needed.


It can endure far more than the regular handset in this price range, proven by the fact that it has passed 10 military-grade tests to give it a MIL-STD 810G standard compliance rating. It has been tested and met the requirements to have a good proof rating for use despite rain, sand, dust, vibration, shock, high and low temperature, humidity, altitude, acceleration and immersion.


In addition to all these cool features, the handset comes with a quad-core processor for quick operation, built-in compass, GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou support for easy and fast navigation connection, dual SIM support and 3GB RAM.


The best type of budget handset for outdoor use in 2022


If you’re looking for the best budget rugged smartphone from Blackview for 2022 that’s drop-proof for up to 1,5 metres, can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1,5 metres, can operate in a dusty environment and give you superb value for money, then you’ll love the BV4900 4G NFC.


View the handset and the other Blackview outdoor smartphones that will impress and place your order for a heavy-duty handset online. You also have several options for payment. If the handset of your choice is out of stock, simply enter your email address to be notified when becomes available again.