Meet the BV6300 Pro IP68 Waterproof Smartphone – Ideal for the Outdoor Enthusiast


Priced in the mid-range for smartphones and still affordable enough to fall in the economic value category for rugged handsets, the Blackview BV6300 Pro IP68 waterproof smartphone ticks all the boxes for the outdoor enthusiast without compromising on operational speed and functionality, proven by it featuring the latest Android 10 operating system with value additions, such as the dark theme and gesture navigation.


Stay connected throughout your travels


What makes it the ideal waterproof smartphone for the outdoor enthusiast is the fact that it supports 32 global bands, which means you can use it just about anywhere. If you travel across continents, then you’ll want the assurance of connectivity wherever you are, and this handset meets the grade.


Fast data output and quality video calling because of Dual VoLTE


The BV6300 waterproof handset is 4G Dual VoLTE-enabled, giving the handset fast browsing and connectivity capacity, reliable cover and the benefit of higher data output while also using less battery power. With this functionality, you have the assurance of high-quality HD for those video calls while travelling. These are also important features for the adventure traveller who needs to find places, navigate, read up on reviews and share videos on the go.


Secure and fast phone unlocking


Fingerprint unlocking without a complicated password or equally difficult to remember pattern makes it easy to get quick, but secure access to your handset’s functionalities while traversing through streams or trying to find your way through the mountains.


Your phone can be your wallet with NFC


Of course, a wallet and cash-on-hand are not always possible while being on an eco-travel experience. This doesn’t mean you won’t want to buy transport tickets or pay for goods en route. Fortunately, the BV6300 Pro comes with NFC functionality, enabling you to use Google pay and purchase tickets or share files with other handsets.


More travel hours and less time charging


A powerful and long-lasting battery is essential when you are out in the desert, on a boat trip or in the African bush. The BV6300 Pro is fitted with a 4380mAh battery, which takes the anxiety out of using the handset while not being close to a charge point. If you travel with a partner and their handset’s battery runs out of energy, they can recharge from your phone with the convenient OTG functionality. It turns your rugged waterproof smartphone into a charge centre, enabling you to share some of your battery life with them.


The battery is rated for 336 standby hours, 20 hours of calling, 6 hours of gaming, 8 hours of video or 25 hours of music before a recharge is needed.


Dust-proof, drop-proof and waterproof smartphone


While enjoying life on the wild side, bouldering, caving and hiking, you want a phone companion that’s not going to stop working if immersed in water. Now, that’s why you’ll love the BV6300 Pro, as it was tested and rated to meet the Military Standard 810G, IP68 and IP69. This means it can be dropped from up to 1,5 metres, immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1,5 metres and is 360 degrees dust-proof.

What more can you ask of an outdoor waterproof smartphone?

The handset has even more to offer than already mentioned. View the BV6300 Pro here to find out why this makes a great phone for the avid adventurer.