The Myths and Truths about 5G Rugged Smartphones


With all that we had to endure in 2020 and 2021, at least one good thing came from it – the roll-out of 5G technology, which is not yet complete in many countries, will bring about faster communication. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we look at some of the myths and truths about 5G rugged smartphones in this article.


Firstly, what is the 5G that everyone is talking about?


The ‘5’indicates the generation of the mobile network. You’ll notice 4G-enabled outdoor phones in the Blackview range, which means these handsets can make use of all the features and benefits of fourth-generation mobile networks. With the new generation mobile network, it means faster connectivity – essentially multi-Gbps, very low latency, and exceptional reliability. It also means enormous mobile network capability. Because of the reliability, speed, and capacity of the mobile network, even objects and a range of machines can be controlled, meaning 5G rugged smartphones will provide more functionality, including superb virtual reality experiences.


Myths about the new generation mobile network technology and enabled rugged smartphones


Some of the myths surrounding the mobile network generation are noted below.


Speed is the ultimate benefit


Although the speed increase made possible with the move from 3G to 4G was the pen-ultimate feature of 4G, it is not what makes the 5G-enabled heavy-duty mobile phones so amazing. True, speed is considerable, but focussing on it instead of understanding that low latency coupled with stability makes it possible for many types of devices to connect and be controlled in this next generation environment is a mistake. Truth – you will get stability, no drop in connectivity and the ability to use your outdoor phone for VR and other functionalities.


Rugged smartphone prices will sky-rocket


As with any new technology, at the initial roll-out, you can expect to pay a bit more for your enabled device. However, if you buy a Blackview 5G-enabled device, you’ll be able to save money as these handsets are competitively priced. In addition, ongoing promotions give you more opportunities to get these devices at exceptionally good prices.


The roll-out has been completed globally


Unfortunately, the answer is no. It takes tremendous investment and infrastructure development. In addition, a few policies must change. Also, as with new things, some resistance exists, but as people become informed, support increases for the roll-out. You can expect to use all the features of this next-generation mobile network technology soon in addition to every benefit you have with 4G- and 3G-enabled handsets.


Truths about 5G rugged smartphones


Let’s consider the truths about the technology-enabled handsets below.


Speed is faster

You can expect up to 1GB plus faster speed with 5G than with 4G. It’s quite a leap and worth it for those HD-quality video calls, streaming, and fast browsing. We don’t yet know exactly how fast it will be in South Africa, but there will be an increase in data speed.


Blackview heavy duty smartphones have excellent features


The rugged mobile handsets in the Blackview range already offer awesome features like being water-, drop- and dust-proof. In addition, the handsets feature extra-strong glass, robust casings, modern technology cameras, ease-of-operation functionality and fast operating systems. To get the best value for money, whether for 4G or 5G rugged smartphones, make your way to our outdoor phone selection.