3 Top Benefits of Heavy Duty Cell Phones


Mobile devices are getting better and more powerful by the minute. But that power comes at a cost. These devices tend to be more expensive. The newest ones are fragile and delicate. They need constant charging, and the batteries are depleted quickly. Solution?  Buy one of the heavy duty cell phones available from Blackview.


The difference between rugged mobile devices and ordinary handsets


Heavy duty cell phones are designed to be durable and can withstand harsh conditions and impact. They are also waterproof and dust-proof, making them a great option for those who work in tough environments.


The handsets are made up of high-quality materials that can withstand rough outdoor conditions. These phones have many more features than your average phone, making it easier for you to stay connected, no matter what your job entails.


Not yet sure? Read on to discover three top benefits of rugged outdoor handsets.


  1. Improved durability


Working outdoors or adventuring across the globe poses risks to your smartphone. You need a handset that can withstand being dropped in the water, exposed to freezing and warm temperatures, be subjected to dust particles, and still work. Is it possible?


Yes, if you have one of the Blackview heavy duty cell phones. These handsets outlast the regular mobile devices because they’re built to endure rough conditions. Their casings are stronger, the corners are protected, and the screens are made from extra durable glass.


  1. Dust, water and drop resistance


A regular smartphone is designed for the office and indoor environment. It’s not made for a drop in the tub or, much less to withstand a deeper drop in the water on a snorkelling trip. A light splash can be enough to send the handset in for repairs. Considering the cost of repairs to expensive handsets, it’s better to invest in a device that won’t need repairs. The Blackview handsets undergo military standard tests to ensure you can trust the ratings. The handsets are also IP67/68/69 rated, giving you an indication of the reinforcement that goes into devices like the BV9900.


  1. More functions than ordinary handsets


Few regular mobile communication devices can boast the functionalities of the heavy duty cell phones from Blackview. Apart from powerful processors and large batteries, the handsets also come with features ranging from thermal imaging to built-in compass systems and barometers, barcode scanners and state-of-the-art navigation support. To add to it, the brand also includes high-quality cameras from brands like Sony and Samsung.


Extra storage space, RAM and large screens, the latest Android operating systems, and support for 4G or 5G make these the perfect handsets for rescue workers, engineers, adventurers, and gamers. These handsets work just as perfectly in the office or gaming environment as they operate in harsh outdoor settings.


It's Time to Upgrade Your Phone Today


The smartphone market is one of the most competitive in the world. With so many brands and models, it can be difficult to make a decision about what to buy. But one brand that stands out for durability, affordability and superior functionality is Blackview. Have a look at the range of heavy duty cell phones available and you’ll agree that it’s time to upgrade to a Blackview outdoor mobile device.