Rugged Mobile Phones with Monster-sized Batteries: BV6600


Talk about rugged mobile phones and images of brick-sized devices looking like futuristic tanks come to mind. Fortunately, the technology has advanced enough to enable the manufacturing of slim, modern and compact handsets that are robust in design.


One of these rugged outdoor phones to consider is the BV6600 4G-enabled handset with its NFC enablement and large battery. Let’s take a closer look to discover why it’s one of the popular outdoor mobile phones today.


Monster-Sized Battery


Although the battery capacity is huge by any standard, it doesn’t add much weight to the handset. So, you can still expect the phone to be light enough to keep with you wherever you go. But why does its battery size matter? Not many rugged mobile phones boast an 8580mAh battery. No, it’s not a typo. Even more expensive handsets in the rugged outdoor range’s batteries can’t measure up to the BV6600’s battery size.



The Li-polymer battery gives up to 792 hours of standby in network-off mode, and, when 4G WiFi is enabled, it gives up to 430 hours of standby mode. What makes it even more impressive is that the handset has quick-charge enablement. Stress about a phone dying on you while you’re on a hiking trip or at sea is a thing of the past.


Easy Navigation


Adventurers looking for rugged mobile phones will appreciate the GLONASS, BeiDou and GPS enabled BV6600 as it has it all. With all these features in place, getting a fixed point for navigation, even in a densely wooded or mountainous area, is as easy as it gets. Get to where you want to go with accurate navigation when you need it.


Shop Like a Pro


It’s not always about living or working outdoors. Sometimes you need to buy or pay for products to maintain your off-grid or adventure lifestyle. In this instance, the NFC functionality for quick buying of tickets and products is certainly a feature that comes in handy.


Easy and Secure Unlocking


With the no-hassle fingerprint and power button unlock features, answering the handset or accessing it is quick without having to compromise on security. Unlock it fast to get the security PIN for your online bank transaction or to chat with friends.


Large Screen


Even though the handset is lightweight, it still features a huge battery and an equally impressively sized 5.7-inch HD screen for easy browsing, video watching and usage. With Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, the screen is sturdy enough to handle bumps without cracking.


Water-, Dust- and Drop-proof


As with other Blackview outdoor mobile handsets, the BV6600 is dust-, drop- and waterproof. It can withstand a drop of 1,5 metres, be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1,5 metres and can function in harsh, dusty environments. With these features, you can take the handset along on adventure trips without having to worry about dropping it accidentally in rivulets or on rough terrain.


Superb Picture-taking


The BV6600 also stands out for its superb picture-taking capabilities. It’s fitted with an 8MP Sony® front camera and a 16MP Samsung® rear camera to capture special moments, memorable scenery and detail like a pro.


Learn more about the BV6600 here and discover why it’s an excellent option for those interested in big battery rugged mobile phones.