Read This Before You Buy a Durable Smartphone


A durable smartphone is a good investment to make. No matter how you look at it, having a phone that won’t cost you thousands to repair each time you drop it is a real game changer. Even if you buy a cheaper phone to accommodate your active lifestyle or clumsy ways, you will still need to replace it or get it repaired sooner rather than later. It is better to just go with a phone that is durable and was built to last. Durability in this sense is measured in three ways: water resistance, dust resistance, and impact resistance. Most of Blackview’s phones are highly rated for all three categories. Read on to learn more.


Do You Need a Durable Smartphone?


The way you use your phone will vary depending on whether you use it on a factory floor in a busy industrial plant or if you’re sitting in a cosy office all day where you do not need to move around a lot. Your fancy R30k phone won’t do you much good if you drop it while running around your worksite and you end up with a cracked screen. If you leave your phone at home or locked away safely in an office, what is the point of having it in the first place? A rugged phone can serve you well in any environment and is especially well-suited to people who need to use their phone at all hours of the day and in all conditions.



Are Durable Smartphones Affordable?


It’s easy to see why most phones today are expensive. Components are becoming more advanced (and thus more expensive), but two big contributors to the increased costs are worldwide shortages and inflation. Manufacturing costs are also factored in, which only compounds the price increase due to companies moving their assembly factories away from traditionally low-cost labour countries like China. But that is not to say that all phones are expensive. In fact, there are still many affordable options on the market, including Blackview’s range of rugged phones.


Our rugged phones were designed to withstand the toughest conditions, but we also designed them to fit your pocket in both a literal and figurative sense. We also have a wide range of models available, so you are still spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a phone that is just as tough as you are.


Whether you just need a basic smartphone to take with you to work, or whether you need a robust device that is also packed with the latest features, our phones are perfect for you.


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