Take Your Durable Smartphone on Your Next Adventure


Taking your phone out with you can be a scary experience. Even if you ignore crime statistics and your own tendency to forget where you left things, there are still instances in which having your phone on you can be anxiety-inducing. If you enjoy long walks on the beach or relaxing beside the pool, for example, you probably often leave your phone behind in fear that you might drop it in the sand, or worse, in the water. We say that you should not have to be afraid for your phone in such situations and you should be able to enjoy having a durable smartphone with you wherever you go.



If you purchase a durable smartphone from Blackview, you will not want to leave your phone behind ever again. Imagine walking into the sea and realising your phone is still in your pocket when you get hit by the first wave! Your day will either be ruined if it’s any other phone or you will carry on as normal if it’s a durable Blackview phone. In fact, you will probably want to take out your phone for sea-side photos while you are still in the waves without worrying about the phone getting wet or full of sand. A sturdy IP68 rating means that your phone is protected from sand and dust and can be completely submerged in water for a long time without incurring damage (although we do not recommend keeping your phone underwater longer than necessary).


Who Needs a Durable Smartphone?


Everyone needs a durable smartphone. The truth is, some people will benefit more from having a durable smartphone than others, especially if they work in high-intensity occupations or if they explore the wilderness a lot. Below are some of the scenarios in which you could use your Blackview phone (and if you don’t have one, should serve as motivation for you to purchase one).


  • Construction work, mining, and other industrial work. Tough conditions demand tough phones, especially if you’re constantly exposed to moisture and dust.
  • Backpacking or wilderness trekking. You will want your phone in one piece during and after an adventure to take photos (or for emergency use).
  • Boating or other watersports. If you drop your phone in the water, you can dive down and get it and it will still work!
  • Sitting on the beach. Sand is now your friend, not your enemy.
  • Everyday use. Accidents happen, so having a durable smartphone is a blessing.


What Else Can a Durable Blackview Smartphone Do?


Some of our phones can do something that very few other phones can. On top of the extensive durability features we are known for, a few of our phones also have a secret weapon that is perfect for adventurous souls – an infrared camera. That’s right – some of our phones (like the Blackview BV6600 Pro) can take thermal images and videos! There are many different scenarios in which you would not want to use an ordinary flashlight, such as when you want to find a small skittish animal or, in some cases, when you need to locate wires behind a wall. No matter what you use your smartphone’s infrared camera for, your friends will be green with envy! 


You can read more about the Blackview BV6600 Pro here.