It’s Time to Get a Tough Smartphone


Only people with a tough smartphone will know the pure bliss of dropping the phone and then picking it up as though nothing happened. Owners of larger and more expensive phones are familiar with the dread of dropping their phones and praying that there is no lasting damage. Even if you are not a clumsy person by nature, it helps to have a tough smartphone, because then you will not have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone on the ground or in the bathtub (and having to pay outrageous fees for simple repairs).



The technology publication TechRadar recently ranked our phones as some of the top tough and rugged smartphones in the industry. The Blackview BV9900 Pro took third place, but the Blackview brand was one of the overall best represented tough smartphone brands on the list (with a total of four entries in a list of fifteen). The closest competitor only had three entries. That means you don’t have to take our word alone when we tell you that every Blackview smartphone is tough, both inside and out.


What Makes a Blackview Smartphone Tough?


Simply calling a phone “rugged” does not make it true. When we use words like that to describe our phones, we can back it up with hard evidence. To explain what makes our phones more durable than other phones, we will use the Blackview BV6300 Pro to illustrate every point.


When looking at a phone’s durability, there are two main features to look out for: durability rating and screen protection. The former is usually expressed as a letter and number sequence (like IP68 or IP65), while the latter usually only refers to the make and generation of a particular brand of glass. Sometimes, we also add extra descriptors for operating temperatures and ability to withstand getting dropped.


IP68 refers to a phone’s ability to withstand dust and water. The 6 represents dust, while the 8 represents water. A lower score (like IP65) would denote a lower damage threshold, which is usually undesirable in phones that are often handled. The Blackview BV6300 Pro, for example, has an IP68 rating and uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. This means that it is completely protected against dust and can still function after being submerged underwater, as well as having a chemically strengthened screen that is less likely to crack when dropped.


How Much Does a Tough Smartphone Cost?


It’s one thing to tout all our phones’ durability and amazing built-in features, but does that mean Blackview phones are cheaper or more expensive than other phones? While pricing is relative when it comes to most phones, we can confidently say that our phones remain affordable even with everything we managed to pack into their frames. You can get decent mid-range specs and a rugged build for a fraction of the cost of other phones, which means you save even more money in the long term by purchasing our phones and enjoying their quality instead of needing to replace or repair a more expensive phone every few months or years.


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