Why Buy the BV5900 Rugged Outdoor Smartphone?


The BV5900 is one tough smartphone. It is made for the harsh outdoor environment, yet it doesn’t skip a beat regarding superb functionality in the economy or budget range. It has a hybrid look that makes it equally at home on campus or in the outdoor enthusiast’s hand. Indeed, the handset is attractive enough to make office workers jealous and rugged enough to take a dip in the bath or be used in the shower.


If you’re looking to upgrade from the conventional smartphone to a handset that can handle a drop at 1,5 metres, then read on to discover more about the BV5900.


Forget About an Outdoor Handset that Feels Like a Brick in Your Pocket


If you’ve ever scaled a mountain with a backpack on, you’ll know that even the lightest item can soon feel like a brick when you get tired. Fortunately, the BV5900 only weighs 268g, which makes it lighter than many modern conventional smartphones. Light enough for all-day use and to take on hiking trips, this handset has even more to offer.


Strong Enough for An Adventurous Lifestyle


One of the major issues with conventional smartphones is the fact that their screens often crack at the slightest bump. This is mostly due to the design, but the thickness and type of glass also play a role. The BV5900 doesn’t have this issue. It is fitted with Gorilla glass that gives that extra bit of strength to keep it from cracking when you drop it. Also, the phone comes with a rubberised back, which gives it some shock-absorbing capacity. To make it even stronger and to protect the sizeable screen further, Blackview has included edges around the screen, ensuring the edges take the beating instead of the screen.


Drop, Water and Dust-Proof: What More Do You Want?


Blackview has put the handset through the mill with rigorous testing and it has passed with flying colours. The BV5900 has passed the MIL-STD 810 standards, meaning you can drop the handset at 1,5 metres, immerse it in water for up to 30 minutes and to a depth of 1,5 metres while the ports are also protected to ensure dust and debris don’t enter and damage the speaker, camera and charge point. The charge and audio ports come with rubber covers for protection.


What About the Essential Features?


The BV5900 comes with 32GB flash memory and 3GB RAM. True, this might not seem all that impressive when compared to more expensive handsets, but for the low-price tag these features are pretty impressive. It is also fitted with a MediaTek Helio A22 processor, giving it good processing power., meaning the phone can run quite a few operations at once.


With the dual SIM capability, you can use the handset for work and pleasure. It is 4G, as well as WLAN-enabled. It comes with camera functionality, fingerprint lock security and most impressive – the 5580 mAh battery that gives it many hours of operation before a recharge is needed.


Where to Buy the BV5900?


Blackview South Africa offers competitive prices, superb discounts and an extensive range of the best outdoor handsets you can buy. Shop online now to get the handset that fits your outdoor lifestyle.