Who Should Buy Heavy Duty Cell Phones?


A decade ago, only engineers and construction crew bought heavy duty cell phones. The handsets were bulky but were made for harsh work environments. Many looked more like bricks or remote handheld radio communication devices than cell phones.


Fortunately, technology has advanced enough to make rugged outdoor handsets smaller and lighter. In fact, some of these rugged handsets are lighter than conventional ones. And the best part is that modern heavy duty cell phones often have more advanced features than regular ones. Before we look at who should buy rugged mobile handsets, let’s consider some of the features shared by many of these handsets.




The handsets can be immersed in water as deep as 1,5 metres and for as long as 30 minutes. This means you can even answer the phone in your bathtub. The handsets are also splashproof, meaning you can use a rugged outdoor handset like the BV4900 Pro in stormy weather, at a car wash facility or in the shower.




Mobile handsets are handheld communication devices. What does it mean? Simply that your handset can be knocked out of your hand, you can drop it while trying to carry grocery bags, it can slip and fall from your pocket while you climb a ladder, and more.


It is a given. At one or another time, the handset will fall from your hand, table, car roof, the office desk or even the basin. If it is not fitted with Gorilla glass with the screen’s edges protected, the chances are that the screen will crack. But, if it does and it comes with an extra-strong casing like the BV6300 Pro, you will be able to drop it from a height of 1,5 metres and the screen will not suffer damage.




A day on the beach can mean the end of your mobile handset. The same goes for working on a construction site, in a vehicle repair workshop, in your woodwork studio or even while you’re on safari. Dust and debris penetrate the open ports, microphone opening and speakers. Not long and the handset’s sound quality suffers. You can argue that your handset is never used in dusty environments, but do you ever put it in your pocket or handbag? If so, it is exposed to small particles that can make their way into the ports.


Heavy duty cell phones have rubber protection over the ports. Their designs make them 100% dust-proof, meaning you can take the handset to the beach, through a sand storm or use it at a mine site and it will keep working, like the BV6600.


So, who should buy heavy duty cell phones?


Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a cracked screen, sound quality issues or a damaged processor due to water penetration of the handset should buy a rugged outdoor handset. It is meant for engineers, game rangers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency workers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, farmers, students, and office workers alike.


Where Can You Buy Heavy Duty Cell Phones in South Africa?


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