Do You Really Need a Waterproof Smartphone if You’re an Office Worker?


You might be an office worker and not likely work outdoors and venture through rugged terrain. True, but have you ever had to answer your phone while in the bath or shower? Then you’ll know how difficult it can be to operate the handset without it getting wet and damaged. That’s already sufficient reason to get a waterproof smartphone, but let’s explore a few other options as well.


Toilet Bowls and Wash Basins are Notorious for Attracting Mobile Handsets


Like the destructive fire of a candlelight to a moth, so is the toilet bowl to an expensive mobile handset. The attraction is unbelievable. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, the handset easily slides from the cistern to the whirlpool below just as you are about to flush. A waterproof smartphone can survive the drop without screen breakage and can work as if nothing embarrassing happened.


A Spill Doesn’t Make the Alarm Clock Stop


You can sleep soundly, knowing the handset’s alarm clock will wake you in for work even if you knock the bedside glass of water over. The handset’s ports are covered, ensuring the microphone, camera and charge ports are protected against a water splash.


You Won’t Be Mad if Someone Pushes You Into the Pool


It happens more than you can imagine. Friends play around and a simple, seemingly fun, gesture leads to one person landing in the swimming pool. All the fun and games stop because an expensive handset is ruined forever. Water is already a concern, but chlorine and acid added to the picture and all that’s left to do is put in a claim to the insurers.


With a waterproof smartphone in your pocket, you can even sit in the jetted spa pool with friends, jump into the swimming pool and have a handset that keeps working. Of course, you’ll want to rinse it off with clean water after a swim and pat it dry as it is waterproof and not chemical proof. Have a look at a few of the rugged phones that can withstand a dip in the pool.


You Can Jog in the Rain


Not that it is generally a wise choice to run in the rain, but if you are caught in a storm, whether on a camping trip or from the office to your car, the handset will still work. Indeed, you will even be able to operate it with ease due to the touchscreen functionality.


These may not seem like legitimate reasons to buy a waterproof smartphone. Then consider that with such a handset you can even take pictures while you snorkel. It boils down to having more freedom to go to places without having to worry about weather and the possible risks to your phone. It also means that all those mishaps that can cause you to buy a new handset or knock on the insurer’s door won’t matter if you have a waterproof smartphone.


Where to Get One?


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