BL6000 Pro 5G: One of the Newest Rugged Smartphones on the Market


Impressive by any standard, the BL6000 Pro 5G is one of the latest models of smartphones from the Blackview brand. If you want a 5G-enabled and Android 10-equipped handset that can be used in harsh environments, then you’ll want to get in line to get your BL6000 Pro 5G handset now.


Not yet convinced that this handset will make owners of current rugged smartphones green with envy? Then read on to discover what makes this handset a sought-after device among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, office workers, emergency personnel, engineers and law enforcement officers.


Huge screen


Up to now, you would have seen most rugged smartphones featuring 5,7-inch HD screens. But what if you could have an attractive handset with a whopping 6,39-inch screen? Video- and map-viewing will become a whole lot easier – and the BL6000 Pro 5G is fitted with one.


Long battery life


As with many other rugged smartphones in the Blackview product range, the handset comes with a sizeable 5280mAh battery, giving you hours of gaming, video watching and Internet searching before a recharge will be essential. And when you do need to recharge, it’s fast as the handset is equipped with fast-charging technology. Considering that the handset can operate for up to 25 days before a recharge is required, the added speed of charge puts it a few notches above other rugged smartphones in the same price range.


Powerful processor


Fitted with an MT6873 chip and an Octa-Core processor along with Android 10 as the operating system, this is a fast and powerful mobile device. With these features along with the ability to store as many as 400 movies at a time, the handset is perfect for keeping travel videos of your trip across the globe.


Crisp and clear pictures


It’s fitted with a 48 MP Sony® triple rear camera, dual rear flash functionality for poor light situations and a 16 MP Samsung® camera for the front. Every picture can be a masterpiece with several customisation options available.


Fastest network connectivity


The roll-out of 5G has made it possible to get 10 times faster connectivity and speed than with 4G, but if your handset is not 5G-enabled, it doesn’t help. Fortunately, when you buy a BL6000 Pro, you have the perfect handset to take hold of everything 5G has to offer.


Super strong casing


What’s a rugged phone worth if it cannot be dropped and still be able to work? This handset boasts a durable and robust metal casing, which also helps to prevent screen breakage. The handset is drop-, dust- and waterproof. It can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1,5 metres and even functions underwater. In addition, it can provide the basic operations in freezing temperatures.


Attractive design


Blackview has given the handset a stunning and modern design. It doesn’t look like a typical construction site handset with its sleek and smooth features.


Upgrade your mobile connectivity


Forget about broken screens, slow processing and limited space. Get the latest technology from a trusted brand by purchasing the BL6000 Pro 5G rugged smartphone at the best possible price.