Buy a Small Rugged Smartphone That’s Light on Your Purse and Pocket


One of the biggest issues with regular outdoor mobile devices is bulkiness. It’s all fine if you work on a construction site, but if you want a small rugged smartphone to take with you on camping trips, hiking expeditions and to the beach, you’ll want a slightly more discreet handset.


And that’s where the Blackview range of outdoor handsets comes in. Forget about the brick-sized devices of old. Today you can have a small rugged smartphone, similar in size to your regular mobile handsets. Let’s take a look at one that’s well-priced and is a superb handset for indoor and outdoor use.


BV4900 Pro 4G NFC Rugged Phone


This small rugged smartphone is light on your pocket, yet contains a whole lot of features you’d expect of a more expensive device. You can see the specifications and pictures of the BV4900 Pro here.


Sizeable screen fitted into a compact device


It comes with a 5.7-inch HD display, giving you a screen large enough for easy typing and optimal video watching. The compact design makes the handset small enough to keep on you as an office, construction or adventure communication companion.



Latest operating system


The Android 10 operating system ensures your handset is ready for fast browsing and usage of the latest available apps. If you want efficient browsing and a clean look, then Android 10 will suit you perfectly.


Enough storage space for photos and videos


With 64GB storage space, you can store as many as 8000 pictures on the handset, meaning you won’t even have to download the pictures to your laptop before the end of your holiday trip. With this much storage space, you can load as many as 4600 of your all-time favourite go-to songs or even 100 episodes of a television series. For more space add a 128GB TF card.


Longer use before a recharge is essential


The whopping 5580 mAh battery is what makes this small rugged smartphone great for long holiday trips or camping expeditions. Likewise, this handset is not likely to shut down while you’re in a meeting. With reverse charging capacity, you can even charge your partner’s handset, keeping you both connected for longer.


Water-, dust- and drop-proof rugged smartphone


What puts it up there with the best handsets is that it’s waterproof for a depth of up to 1,5 metres for as long as 30 minutes. You can even take a swim in your pool and simply rinse it off afterwards. To add to its robust profile, Blackview has made it fully dust-proof, making it a superb handset for harsh outdoor work environments, especially considering that the handset is also drop-proof for a height of up to 1,5 metres. The protected corners help to prevent screen breakage in addition to its strong casing and extra strong screen.


Navigate and shop with ease


The BV4900 Pro comes fitted with GLONASS, GPS, BeiDou and Galileo positioning support, enabling you to find your way just about anywhere. For maximum shopping convenience, it features NFC capability for cash-free and touch-free payments.


Capture those special moments with quality cameras


What would a mobile device be worth if it didn’t come with great picture-taking capabilities? The BV4900 Pro doesn’t disappoint on this front either. It’s fitted with a reliable Samsung S5K3L2 rear camera and a 5MP front camera, both easy to operate for quick photo-taking.


Get the best for less


Get the BV4900 Pro now at a bargain price to enjoy all the bells and whistles of more expensive outdoor handsets and sleek cell phones. Visit our online shop for the latest special on this affordable small rugged smartphone.