2021: The Best Durable Cell Phones for Outdoor Usage at Affordable Prices


When it comes to the most durable cell phones on the market in 2021, you will want to consider the extensive range of rugged smartphones from the Blackview brand. These handsets boast features like dust-, water- and drop-proof, extra-strong glass on their screens, and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the affordable durable cell phones in the range.




The BV4900 is one of the best-priced durable cell phones around. It has the bells and whistles offered by both sleek and modern mobile handsets and rugged outdoor handsets, but it comes at an affordable price. It features a Quad-Core processor, 3GB RAM and a 5580mAh battery for long operation before a recharge is required. The handset is 4G-enabled and has dual SIM support. It also has an impressive camera and comes with Android 10. But what sets it apart from regular handsets is the fact that it’s water-, drop- and dust-proof. If you want even more functionalities and features, go with the BV4900 Pro with 4 GB RAM.




Next in the range is the BV5100 with its rugged, but attractive look. It’s just as water-, dust- and drop-proof as the other outdoor handsets from Blackview, but it has more RAM than the BV4900. With 4GB RAM and a powerful Octa-Core processor, this is one fast and furious handset. It also features a 5580mAh battery, giving you long operation between recharges.


The handset comes with dual SIM support, features convenient fingerprint unlock security and is NFC-enabled for easier shopping. It also has an impressive camera system, featuring a Sony® 13 MP front camera in addition to a 16 MP rear camera. For more functionality, choose the BV5100 Pro that comes with a bar-code scanning feature.




As with the BV4900 and BV5100 durable cell phones, handsets in this range are rugged and are water-, dust- and drop-proof. The BV6600 is different from other handsets because of its huge battery. With an 8580mAh battery, you have many hours of video, gaming and operation before a recharge is needed. The handset comes with dual SIM support, fingerprint unlocking, NFC for convenient shopping, and Android 10 for fast browsing. It is fitted with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, giving it a strong display while the 5,7-inch HD screen provides for ample viewing and operating space. It is fitted with an 8 MP front Sony® camera and a 16 MP Samsung® rear camera.


The rugged outdoor range also includes handsets such as the BV6300 Pro priced in the mid to affordable range that can operate in extreme temperatures, as low as -20°C and as high as 60°C.


Where to find many more durable cell phones


These are the entry- to mid-level-priced durable cell phones in the rugged range. If you want high-end handsets with capabilities like thermal imaging as well, you will love the options available from Blackview. Visit the rugged outdoor products section here.