Rugged Cell Phones that Leave Regular Mobile Devices in the Dust


When it comes to rugged cell phones, you’ll want a handset that’s water-, dust- and drop-proof. In addition, you’ll want all the bells and whistles you would get with a conventional smartphone in the same price range. Is it at all possible? View Blackview range of sturdy outdoor smartphones for an overview of what’s available and read on to discover more information on two rugged handsets that meet and exceed these requirements.


BV4900 Pro 4G NFC


As far as affordability goes, the BV4900 Pro 4G NFC wins the race among rugged cell phones, featuring state-of-the-art technology and optimal functionality. The handset comes with a 5,7-inch HD+ screen, giving you ample viewing and operating space. It also features a 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, with the rear camera offering panorama, monochrome and professional picture-taking modes. The front camera is equipped with technology to detect skin tone, ambient lighting and age.


What sets it apart from conventional cell phones are its water-, dust- and drop-proof qualities. It’s another one of the Blackview rugged cell phones that have passed military-grade and IEC testing. You can drop the smartphone 1,5 metres on a hard surface, then immerse it in water of up to 1,5 metres deep for 30 minutes, and then use it on the beach or in a dust-filled setting. It will keep working. Perhaps that’s what you’d expect of all rugged mobile handsets, but what you won’t expect is a super-attractive handset that will look at home in a boardroom as well.


The handset comes with support for BeiDou, GPS and GLONASS, making it the perfect device for easy navigation. Add to such, the NFC functionality and your shopping becomes easier. With up to 120 hours of standby with its 5580mAh battery, this is one of the outdoor handsets you’ll want to take on your next hiking trip. You can play games for up to 12 hours and even use the OTG functionality for reverse charging.


BV6300 Pro


The BV6300 Pro is priced in the mid-range of rugged cell phones, but don’t take that to mean it has limited features. If there’s one handset that gives superb value for money, then it’s the BV6300 Pro. It‘s an IP68- and IP69Krated handset, which means it is dust- and waterproof. In addition, this handset is drop- and shock-proof which is why it was afforded a MIL-STD-810G rating.


With 6 GB RAM plus 128 GB ROM in addition to a powerful Helio P70 Octa-Core processor, you won’t struggle with a slow handset. It also comes with wireless charging support, dual SIM capacity and an impressive 5,7=inch HD display. The smartphone is fitted with a 4380mAh battery, giving you reasonable time of operation between recharges. It supports GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou for easier navigation. The 16 MP rear camera boasts state-of-the-art technology for crisp and clear picture-taking, while the front 13 MP camera is just as impressive.


Where to buy rugged cell phones at bargain prices


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