Is Bigger Really Better? Why You Need a Small Rugged Smartphone.


Phones are getting bigger every year. It’s not just your imagination. Major brands are getting away with releasing increasingly gigantic phones and then expecting you to pay for all the features that are contributing to the size increase in the first place. Sometimes, all you need is a small rugged smartphone that can do everything you need it to while not being bloated with unnecessary or complicated features that you probably won’t use anyway. Smaller phones tend to be easier to handle and they are usually much more affordable than their bigger counterparts. Simply put, you need a smaller and more durable phone if you plan on taking it everywhere with you and if you cannot afford the expensive repairs associated with larger smartphones.


Size Doesn’t Really Matter – Or Does It?


Large phones defeat the purpose of what mobile phones are supposed to be – mobile and easy to carry around. Sure, they may boast several cameras and crystal-clear displays (which can still be achieved by smaller phones), but is a smartphone not too big if you cannot even put it in your pocket? If you cannot walk around with your phone in your pocket due to its size, at what point do you start calling it a tablet and use it less as an actual phone and more because you already paid for it and you are stuck with it? Buying something else could be too hard on your already-ravaged bank account.



Sacrificing on size does not mean you are sacrificing on features (and thus may not even be a sacrifice at all, but rather a boon). Every small rugged smartphone produced by Blackview still has all the features you expect from modern smartphones: good cameras, superior battery life, and decent performance. As an added bonus, many of our phones still have a 3.5 mm audio jack, so you won’t have to buy special wireless headphones just to listen to music.


What sets each small rugged Blackview smartphone apart from other phones, however, is that they are much more durable than many phones available on the market today. The smaller and more compact design makes them easier to hold (the smaller size allows you to get a better grip), which means you will be less likely to drop them. The ruggedness of these phones is built in, so even if you do drop your small rugged smartphone, you will not have to deal with the anxiety of checking whether or not the screen or any internal components were damaged. We don’t recommend dropping your phone on purpose, but you’ll be glad it’s a Blackview phone when it does happen.


Where To Get Your Small Rugged Smartphone


You can order our phones directly on our website, after which they can be delivered to your doorstep. If you live in the Pretoria or Centurion area, you can pick up your phone directly from our Centurion offices at no additional delivery fee.


You can check out our range of durable phones here.