Looking for an Affordable 5G Smartphone?


Phones can be expensive. If you want the latest and greatest 5G smartphone, you will often have to dig deep into your pockets to be able to afford one. You are probably already familiar with all the big brands, so we will not list them here. You also know by now that phones made by those companies tend to get more expensive with time, even if you opt for monthly contracts or launch deals. When you buy those phones, your expenses are only compounded due to flimsy body construction or fragile glass faceplates. Yes, some of them seem quite durable when you have them in hand, but that notion goes out the window when you drop the phone and you need to spend hundreds (or in some cases, thousands) just to get a crack in the screen fixed.




If affordability is your main concern, then Blackview is the perfect smartphone brand for you. When you buy a 5G smartphone from us (which is already light on your bank account), you can rest assured knowing that it is both durable and packed with all the features you could need in a contemporary 5G-capable smartphone. The Blackview A55 Pro, for example, has a sleek (yet tough) design, competitive specs, and a price that will make your jaw drop faster than the last time you dropped your phone.


What Is 5G?


5G is the fifth-generation mobile network standard (hence the name). This means that it offers vast improvements over previous network types (such as 3G and 4G). Even though 3G and 4G networks are still prevalent (and will be for the foreseeable future), the fifth-generation network type will quickly supplant them once people realise its potential and demand for it increases.


The main advantages of the fifth-generation network standard are speed, performance, improved network capacity, and reduced latency. Speed and performance are self-explanatory (the network is faster and gives better overall performance on devices in terms of reduced error rates and more streamline processing requirements).


Network capacity refers to the way in which the technology allows more phones to connect to a single access point, which means that more people can connect to the same network at the same time without experiencing a significant reduction in performance or signal capacity. Lower latency is important for devices that need the internet to function, such as navigation systems, smart homes (like Google Home), and gaming devices.  The higher the latency on a network, the longer it takes for a signal to process and the longer you have to wait for something to happen on your device.


You Can Purchase Your Next 5G Smartphone Online


You do not have to leave your house if you want a new phone. You could always drive to your nearest shopping centre and talk to one of the network outlets there, but that can take time you do not necessarily have. Your other option is to buy your new smartphone directly on our website. We ship phones to nearly all locations in South Africa, so you can have your new affordable phone in your hands within a few short business days if you order it right now.


You can see our phone catalogue here.