What Do You Want in a Rugged Phone?


You’ll see ads everywhere for rugged phones, but what do you want in a handset that you’ll take to a construction site daily? Perhaps you work in a food and beverage packaging facility and regularly have to go into the cold storage room where you’ll need a handset that can operate in freezing temperatures. Or maybe you’re a rescue worker and can expect the handset to be dropped once in a while.



What it boils down to is that the handset must be durable enough to last for a long time. It must be able to operate in extreme temperature settings, withstand the occasional drop of up to 1,5 metres, withstand water immersion of up to 1,5 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes, and be 360 degrees dust-proof to protect its speakers and microphone. In addition, you want a handset with a Corning Gorilla glass screen with a rating of at least 3.


Does it sound impossible to get one at an affordable price? If so, read on as we introduce an underrated rugged phone that makes the grade, and which is reasonably priced.


BV4900 Pro NFC


The handset prices in the mid-range and comes with a super-fast- Helio A22 octa-core processor for fast processing and seamless operation. It has 4 GB RAM, making it possible to multi-task without the mobile handset operation slowing. Add to the picture, 64 GB ROM, and you can understand why it is popular. The handset has enough storage space, fast operation, good memory and it supports 128 GB add-on storage for more space.


Long battery life is important for outdoor handsets and the BV4900 NFC-enabled handset doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a whopping 5580 mAh battery for up to 12 hours of video and gaming before a recharge is essential. It also features OTG functionality, making it possible to use this rugged phone for reverse charging.


Easy navigation capacity is essential if you work in the rescue, law enforcement, tourism and related fields. The handset is thus perfect with its GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS enablement.


When en route to locations, you don’t want to worry about bank cards and the likes to make payments. This rugged phone comes with NFC functionality to allow for information exchange and phone tap payments, so you don’t need your bank cards with you all the time.


The BV4900 Pro is MIL STD-810, and IP69K rated. This means you can use it in a dusty environment, not worry if it drops into water, use it outdoors while it rains, and take it to the beach. Even if it should fall from your pocket onto a concrete surface, you can expect it to work.


Fitted with a 5.7-inch HD screen, the handset offers a large screen for movie-watching or gaming while the 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera make photography a sheer pleasure. Want to know more? Visit the BV4900 Pro page for additional information.


Key takeaways


A rugged handset doesn’t have to look the part to be sturdy. With the BV4900 Pro, you can enjoy its stunning appearance, while it still has corner protection, can be immersed, and has all the functionalities of a conventional smartphone. What you want is a handset that can withstand harsh work environments, still give you fast processing, optimal functionality, a good camera and is priced affordably. This handset ticks every box.


For more options like this, visit our products page for durable outdoor mobile devices to find a rugged phone that fits your pocket and your specific requirements.