Heavy Duty Cell Phones for Engineers and Emergency Workers


Outdoor work puts strain on your smartphone. The handset is exposed to dust, debris, sunlight, bumps and drops. In addition, water splash and rain are risks that come with working on construction sites, farms, dam building, open mines and rescue settings. For outdoor operation, you need one of the heavy duty cell phones offering water-, dust- and drop-proof features.



Fortunately, Blackview offers an extensive range of heavy duty cell phones for operation in below-freezing temperatures, exceptionally hot areas, and around water and dust. Have a look at the Blackview range of rugged handsets here.


One of the handsets that make the grade is the BV9900 Pro that also features thermal imaging. Let’s consider why it’s such a popular handset with rescue workers, anti-poach game rangers, law enforcement officers, engineers and adventurers alike.


Multi-task with ease


The BV9900 Pro 4G comes with the powerful AI Master MediaTek Helio P90 processor. This gives the handset immense processing capacity at lightning-fast speed because of the 8GB RAM and 128 GB ROM.


Thermal imaging


What puts the BV9900 Pro 4G a notch above other heavy duty cell phones is the built-in FLIR thermal imaging functionality and camera. This enables you to spot hot pipes, people lurking in the dark, wild animals in the bush, and even current flowing through lines. If you need to determine the source of heat loss, simply pull out the handset and take a picture of the object with the thermal imaging camera.


Superb night photos


The handset also sports a premium-quality camera for night photography. It comes with a 48MP plus 16 MP camera, and the night mode that makes it possible to capture high-quality night-time images. The handset also includes features to add a touch of beauty to facial photos. Low light is automatically detected, which is why night-time picture-taking can be done without much effort.


Extreme temperature operation


Not many heavy duty cell phones can still function in temperatures as low as -30°C and as high as 55°C. The BV9900 Pro offers four basic handset functions when in Ice Mode, making it a trendsetting handset even amongst rugged mobile handsets. With this functionality, you can take it on your mountain climbing excursions, onboard a rescue boat in search of people lost at sea or into the fridge of a cold food storage facility.


Drop-, water- and dust-proof


Dust and debris are the enemies of cell phone microphones and speakers. Even the smallest of holes is big enough for a fine dust particle to make its way in. If you work in a carpentry, manufacturing or outdoor mine setting, you know that dust is part of the package. Fortunately, this handset has passed the tests for water, dust and drop resistance. It boasts an IP68 and IP69K rating. This means you can drop it in up to 1,5 metres, work in a dust-prone environment and even take a swim with it for up to 30 minutes at a time.


Fitted with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, you won’t need to be concerned about scratches and easy breakage. The handset is built to last in harsh operating environments.


Ready to buy a heavy duty handset?


Visit the Blackview rugged smartphone selection for more heavy duty cell phones or make your way directly to the BV9900 4G page to purchase this rugged handset.