Find the Fastest Thermal Imagery Smartphone for Sale in SA


Whether you’re looking for a practical anniversary or birthday gift or just want to spoil yourself with a thermal imagery smartphone, few handsets come close to the Blackview BV9900 Pro. Read on to discover why this handset is the talk of the town.


Who benefits from having the BV9900 Pro thermal imagery smartphone?


With Android 10 as operating system, the handset is geared for fast operation with most new apps. However, you are probably not going to buy it for its operating system. What sets it apart as the ultra-rugged mobile handset for the outdoor enthusiast, engineer, law enforcement agent or even blacksmith is the thermal imaging camera.



It is fitted with a camera featuring thermal imaging technology, which enables it to spot heated areas. This can be useful for the vehicle mechanic and engineer alike. For the fireman, it can mean the difference between touching a hot surface and side-stepping a hazardous situation. When it comes to a game ranger, it means being able to spot a poacher lurking in the dark or a nearby animal.


For South African homeowners or security personnel, being able to see whether someone is hiding in the dark is now as easy as using the BV9900 Pro thermal imagery smartphone.


Advanced camera functionality


But thermal imaging is only one of its cool features. The handset comes with a 48MP Sony® Rear Camera and a 16MP Front Camera as well. With the triple rear camera functionality, the camera can provide intelligent light and tone adjustment for professional photos.


Useful extras such as a heart rate monitor and barometer


It even comes with the functionality of a heart rate monitor. This is useful to check if you’re still fine after a steep mountain climb, and with the barometer, you can even check the atmospheric pressure.


Ultra-strong for maximum durability


As with the other Blackview rugged handsets, this smartphone is drop-proof and waterproof. Even if you drop it at 1,5 metres and then submerge it in water at a depth of 1,5 metres for 30 minutes, it will continue to work. Sand particles in your backpack after a day on the beach won’t affect the microphone and speakers as the handset is also dustproof. Whether you need to operate the phone in freezing temperatures as low as -30°C or scorching heat at 55°C, the BV9900 won’t let you down.


Fast operation and loads of storage space


The handset boasts 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM, as well as a super-powerful processor, enabling you to perform several tasks without slowdown. If you need additional storage space, just insert an SD card.


Big screen for a better viewing experience


The 5.84-inch waterdrop style screen makes it a sheer pleasure to watch videos or browse the Internet. It sports a sizeable 4380mAh battery and several power-saving features, giving you longer operation time.


Ready to learn more about this 4G thermal imagery smartphone?


Don’t let the opportunity pass to get the best deal on this handset. Visit the BV9900 product page to discover why outdoor enthusiasts recommend it.