Rugged Phone for Sale: Features to Look for Before You Buy


Thousands, if not millions, of people walk around with cracked phone screens. You might be one of them and are now looking for a rugged phone for sale to replace your sleek handset. What you don’t want is a repeat of the issue or end up with other problems.


Here’s what to look for when you browse rugged phone for sale ads:


  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Drop-proof


These are the essential features, which set one rugged phone for sale apart from another. Other features, like a state-of-the-art camera, thermal imaging, bar code scanner, built-in GPS and the likes, are preferences, and so is the big screen. Of course, each of these features makes the handset more usable and desirable.


Once the handset meets the essential feature requirements, move on to the secondary attributes. From there, compare handsets in terms of the operating system, whether it is 4G or 5G enabled, touch-sensitive operation, long battery life, RAM and ROM features, and security, etc. To get you started, we look at three basic features any rugged phone for sale must include.




Chances are you will use the handset outdoors, which means the handset is likely to be exposed to splash, rain and the occasional drop in a pool of water. Even if you are not an adventurer or outdoor worker, the probability of someone spilling water onto the screen or the handset ending up in the basin cannot be ignored. To this end, look for a handset that’s rated waterproof for at least 1,5 metres and up to 30 minutes. With such a handset, you can venture through rivers or take pictures while snorkelling. An example is the Blackview BV4900 4G NFC handset, rated water-, dust- and drop-proof.




Sand and dust particles in your pocket, handbag, backpack or workshop are enemies of the handset’s voice functionality. The speaker and microphone are at risk of damage whenever exposed to these. For this reason, choose a handset in which these are protected. Look for one rated as dust-proof like the BV6300 Pro – IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone which is dust-, drop- and waterproof. This mid-price range handset can also operate in temperatures of -20°C to 60°C, giving you a handset fully operational in freezing and extremely hot weather conditions.




A phone’s screen is the most likely part to break, especially if the handset features a thin and sleek design. You want corner protection on the screen, as well as a handset body, strong enough not to bend under slight pressure. If the casing is not strong enough to provide adequate support to the screen, even if the handset features a robust screen, it might still break when dropped. For this reason, choose one with a strong screen, corner protection and rugged casing, like the BV5100 4G NFC, which comes with a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 screen, and is drop-, water- and dust-proof.


Final thoughts


Choose a brand, reputed for its focus on manufacturing a range of durable and highly functional outdoor handsets. All the Blackview outdoor handsets meet the basic requirements, while also offering you advanced features. Ready to purchase a handset that can handle the punch? Then make your way to our rugged phone collection to find a handset for sale to match your lifestyle and work needs.