BL6000 Pro Rugged 5G Phone: Everything You Need to Know


The first rugged 5G phone from the esteemed Blackview brand is fast gaining the interest of outdoor adventurers, and for good reason. Let’s discover why:


It doesn’t belong to the ‘rugged’ category for nothing. This smartphone ticks the waterproof and drop-proof boxes, essential for someone venturing through rivers and over boulders. If you want a handset to take wherever you go, then this is it.


Robust design for outdoor usage


You have the assurance of a strong screen, true waterproof features, and it being genuinely drop-proof with military certification as assurance. You can submerge it up to 1,5 metres in water for as long as 30 minutes and then drop it up to 1,5 metres without it breaking. This is possible because of its high-grade screen, robust metal case and protection against water penetration. The Nano-Moulding case and a special membrane sealing off the internal components make the BL6000 extremely waterproof, which gives this rugged 5G phone an edge over other outdoor handsets.


Rugged 5G Phone


Operate in ice-cold temperatures


Even if you decide to climb Mount Everest, you’ll be able to take it with you as it features superb cold resistance, made possible with battery optimisation for operation in cold environments. Not many smartphones can operate in temperatures as low as -30°C, giving you insight as to why adventurers love the BL6000 Pro.


Long operating before you need to recharge


The 5280mAh battery is as powerful as it gets, giving you two days of use without having to recharge. Response time is impressive and with the adaptive technology, the most-used applications receive priority. On standby mode, it gives up to 480 hours before having to recharge. Even if you are three or four days from civilization, you still have the handset for those emergencies. The battery can handle up to 11 hours of video or 35 hours of music, 10 hours of gaming and 24 hours of making calls before it needs recharging.


Super-cool pictures to impress friends back home


It comes with a state-of-the-art camera for crisp, clear picture-taking. Fitted with the 48MP Sony® Triple Rear Camera (IMX582), it features triple camera functionality. Adding to its uniqueness are the functionalities of HD recording, 125° ultra-wide picture-taking, underwater mode, HDR, PortraitColour and a special night mode to give you 30% more light. With these settings and the exceptional processing power made possible through sophisticated software, every photo becomes an artwork without effort from your side.


The 16MP Samsung ® Front Camera doesn’t disappoint either. It features a beauty setting for selfie picture-taking, ensuring you look your best even after a full day’s hiking.


One of the first Blackview rugged 5G phones


Let’s linger on the 5G characteristic. Not only is 5G ten times faster than 4G, it is also the technology of the future. Having a phone ready for future connectivity technology puts you in the lead. Even if the phone is set to 4G if not in reach of the 5G network, it’s still faster than 4G phones operating on the same network. When it comes to mobile gaming experiences, the 5G speed gives you the edge with super-fast connectivity. The enhanced speed also makes video calls a sheer pleasure.


Where to get it?


Want to join the ranks of proud rugged 5G phone owners? Jump to our BL6000 Pro product page for more information on this powerful handset.