Best Heavy Duty Cell Phones for Construction Sites: Blackview BV6600


Whether you’re a contractor, engineer or even someone involved in fibre roll-out across South Africa, your mobile handset is an essential tool for management and communication. But dust, drops and harsh operating environments may have taken a toll on its functionality. The good news is you can now order the best heavy duty cell phones online for delivery anywhere in South Africa.


Which heavy duty cell phones are the best for construction workers?


Dust-proof, drop-proof, and water-proof smartphones are well-suited for outdoor work environments. Blackview offers an extensive range of rugged outdoor mobile handsets with durable casings, super-strong glass, protected corners and resilience like no other brand can offer.


Which are the most important functions for construction workers?


For one, working outdoors and having to keep a record of before-and-after moments related to work, you will want a handset that comes with an impressive camera system. It must be able to take crisp and clear pictures.   In addition, you want an easy-to-use handset with a sizeable screen for map and diagram display. GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo functionality sure make navigation and exact pinpointing easier. The operating system must be fast. But even with a powerful processor, you don’t want a handset requiring recharge every three hours. To this end, choose one with a large-capacity battery.


Meet the Blackview BV6600 Rugged Smartphone


This is one of those heavy duty cell phones your colleagues will envy. It comes with rounded protected edges. This is a handy feature since the corners of a smartphone are notorious for getting in the way and are at risk of damage. The handset is available in standard dark grey, grey with orange insets or grey with green insets. These subtle colour highlights work well to make the handsets stand out from other heavy duty cell phones.


Heavy Duty Cellphones


Aside from sporting a cool appearance, this smartphone ticks two important boxes to make it right for construction workers:


  • It’s waterproof, and
  • It’s drop-proof


Even if you drop the handset in a mud pool, you can retrieve it and continue working.


These heavy duty cell phones sport:


  • NFC and Fingerprint unlock – quick access to take calls or to search for information without compromising security.
  • 8580 mAh Battery – go several hours at a time without recharging, ensuring you don’t have to find a charge point while on site.
  • 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM – fast operation and loads of memory for smooth functionality.
  • Octa-Core processor – powerful to handle complex operations without slow-down moments.
  • Dual SIM – separate private life from work with the ability to have two numbers on one phone.
  • 5.7 Inch HD screen – large enough for easy operation and optimal reading.
  • 16 MP Samsung rear camera and 8 MP Sony front camera for high-quality pictures.
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 – the screen can take the hammering of work-site operations.
  • 4G-enabled – fast connectivity for video calls.
  • Android 10 operating system, ensuring you can use most apps with ease.


Get the best deal on heavy duty cell phones


Don’t wait any longer. You can now buy the rugged smartphone at a discount price while stocks last. See specifications and photos of the BV6600 smartphone here.