Where to Find an Affordable Rugged Phone for Sale in South Africa


Finding affordable rugged phones for sale overseas isn’t a problem, but what about handsets suitable for South Africans? Read on to discover where you can get a wide selection of handsets made for the harsh South African operating conditions. Best of all, these are priced extremely competitively, which makes you wonder why you would buy a regular handset from another brand.


Get Your Affordable Rugged Phone for Sale in South Africa from Blackview

Blackview is an international brand with a reputation for excellence. Indeed, the outdoor handsets stand out for the following reasons:


  • Competitive prices – compare well with regular handset prices, as well as the rugged phone for sale offerings from other international brands.


  • Tested and rated for water-, dust- and drop-proof qualities with some having the MILSTD rating as well, giving you the assurance that the handset you buy will perform as it should.


  • Durable and extra strong casings – one issue with regular mobile devices is the slim design with soft casing. This causes the casing to bend easily, which leads to screen breakage. Not so with Blackview handsets. You’ll find that each rugged mobile phone at Blackview South Africa comes with a sturdy and strong casing, ensuring extra protection for the screen and internal components.


  • Completely dust-proof – handset microphones, camera lenses and charge ports often suffer dust penetration, leading to premature breakage of the internal components. When you browse for a Blackview rugged device, it will be difficult to find one that’s not 360 degrees dust-proof.


  • Waterproof qualities – the outdoor handsets are all waterproof up to 1,5 metres in depth for up to 30 minutes at a time, with some able to be submerged even deeper and for longer. You can use your handset in the rain, take it on a snorkelling trip, drop it in the bath and rinse it afterwards. It will work during the submersion and afterwards.


  • Drop-proof – for a height of at least up to 1,5 metres with some even up to 1,8 metres. Getting in and out of a taxi quickly can easily cause the handset to drop on the tar road. With a regular handset, it can mean having to replace the screen. You can now shop online for a phone for sale that won’t break with such a drop, and you can have it delivered to you. That’s because Blackview offers delivery throughout the country and offers different payment options making it easier to get the handset you need as soon as possible.


  • Large batteries – these handsets all come with sizeable batteries, some with the largest available on the market. Selected ones even have reverse charging capabilities, enabling you to charge a friend’s phone from your handset. Exceptional power-saving capabilities and long standby functionality make these handsets great during power outages.


  • Operation in extreme temperatures – South Africa is a country of extremes. Temperatures can drop in the minuses and soar high in the forties. You’ll be glad to know that the outdoor handsets for sale from Blackview South Africa are made to operate in extreme temperatures.


The Ideal Option for the South African Lifestyle

These are only a few of the features offered by the Blackview mobile handsets. Don’t delay in getting the handset that fits your South African lifestyle at an affordable price. Shop here to find a rugged phone for sale that meets your budget and lifestyle requirements.