Where to Find a Wide Selection of Affordable Rugged Mobile Phones in SA


Why are rugged mobile phones the hottest trend in the smartphone market today? Read on to discover why and where to find the widest selection of durable outdoor handsets.


Why are rugged mobile phones taking the market by storm?


Hundreds of smartphone models are available, yet they come with a distinct disadvantage – easy breakage. For devices people use daily, durability should be at the forefront of the device’s design. However, it’s not uncommon to hear of glass breakage even with a screen protector, or a handset that has stopped working because of dust penetration. Given how expensive the regular handsets are, even the repairs can run up hefty bills.


One brand has taken notice and has quickly set the benchmark for rugged mobile phones with a wide selection to meet users’ diverse needs. These handsets are priced similar to ordinary ones from other brands, making you wonder why it took so long for people to realise there is a solution.


The outdoor handsets have the following in common with regular handsets available in the same price range:


  • Fast processors
  • Latest Android operating systems
  • Support for 3G,4G, 5G or all
  • Large screens
  • Quality cameras
  • NFC for Google buy and easier shopping
  • Fingerprint and related security
  • Quick unlocking characteristics
  • Large storage space
  • Sufficient memory


What sets the rugged mobile phone selection apart from other outdoor handsets?


Not all manufacturers of outdoor handsets produce the same quality. But Blackview has gone all out to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, engineers, rescue workers, law enforcement officers and construction workers. There is even a range of accessories on offer.


But unlike the older types of outdoor handsets, Blackview’s wide selection offered features handsets with slim designs, suitable for usage in office environments, at campuses and the trendiest of retail spaces. The brand has made it possible to buy a durable outdoor handset that has a deceivingly sleek and subtle design but without compromising on functionality and durability.


Why choose from the wide selection of Blackview rugged mobile phones?


The handsets have the following features in common:


  • Waterproof – water resistance of up to at least 1,5 metres in depth for up to 30 minutes.
  • Dust-proof – 360 degrees protection against dust penetration, including the camera lens, charge ports and microphones.
  • Drop-proof – for up to at least 1,5 metres, making these the perfect handsets for construction workers and adventurers alike.
  • Long battery life – the handsets all come with powerful and large batteries with superb standby time, with some even able to charge other phones.
  • Excellent navigation – with support for GLONASS, GPS and BeiDou included.
  • Operation in extreme temperatures – with some able to operate in temperatures of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.
  • Durable and extra reinforced casings and corners
  • Gorilla® glass fitted screens with large displays


You’ll also find handsets priced at entry-level right up to more high-end rugged mobile phones. Additional features in some of the handsets range from thermal imaging cameras to barcode scanners, a built-in compass, barometers, and the like.


Now you know why rugged mobile phones are the best options today. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your communication. Visit the Blackview outdoor handset selection and buy one that meets your needs.