Big Battery Phone: Top Reasons Why You’ll Want One


Mobile handsets with inadequate batteries cause much frustration. You’re not always near a charge point. Having to constantly look for the nearest one wastes time. Having a big battery phone offers you several benefits, some of which we discuss in this article.


Big Battery Phone for Multiple Applications


Your handset is no longer a luxury. It’s an essential tool for communication, entertainment, navigation, information searches, picture taking, videos, and even functionalities like barcode scanning, thermal imaging, and temperature measurement. The handset is your alarm clock, purse, diary, contact directory, health measurement tool, and gaming device.


It’s an all-in-one tool that has become as essential to not lose as your car keys. But these built-in tools drain battery power rather fast. To use the handset for what it has been designed, you need to buy a big battery phone. You want the power to last long enough to play games, watch videos, browse, read eBooks, message, and take pictures. For that you need a handset with sizeable power time.


Reverse Charge a Friend’s Handset


Be the hero of the day when you’re able to charge a friend’s handset. Buy a reverse-charge enabled handset, but make sure the battery is long-life. In this way you’ll have the working handset throughout the camping trip while you can lend a helping hand to your friend to keep their handset going.


Power is Available for a Long Time


What if you’re stranded next to the road with a vehicle breakdown? Or perhaps you’re trapped in the middle of the bush. While you wait for help to arrive, you need a handset for signal, flashlight, essential communication and features like emergency standby. A big battery phone is the answer. With a long-life power supply, it can keep the essentials going for a long time. Just switch to standby mode and the handset will be ready to use when needed.


More Freedom of Movement


Having to be constantly close to a power point simply means you become a slave to powering your device. You cannot get through an online game campaign while the handset is not plugged in. Likewise, the handset can die on you in the middle of a job interview or important virtual meeting. But, with a big battery phone, this risk is significantly reduced.


Reduced Risk of Damage


A handset that must be charged every few hours is not just frustrating. It also means you’ll have to replace the handset every two years as it won’t last with all the recharges. Paying a little bit extra means having fewer worries regarding the lifespan of the device.


Key Takeaways


Such a handset offers you longer time between charges. It also means not having to be at the power point constantly. South Africa is plagued by power outages. With such a handset you can ride out the power shortage and still be able to enjoy usage of it for document typing, gaming and watching your favourite series.


It also means having an emergency communication device whenever needed. You save on electricity with fewer charges and prolong the lifespan of your handset. In addition, you have enough power on your handset to recharge the mobile device of a friend.


Where to Get a Big Battery Phone in South Africa


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