Why You Need a Big Battery Phone and Where to Buy One


Smartphone technologies have advanced tremendously over the past few years. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have not paid attention to the need for longer-lasting and higher-capacity batteries. The result is that with all the processing power displayed by the handsets, they need to be recharged more regularly. The solution is to get a big battery phone.


Why you need a big battery phone


Most people have three to four apps running on their handsets at once. In many instances, ten or more operations take place simultaneously. These eat up battery time like nothing, especially when having to navigate through traffic to your preselected destination. Then, those social media platforms must also be taken into consideration where one after the other post is shown and, before you know it, the handset must be charged.


Frequent recharging also affects the lifespan of the handset. With one of the larger-capacity batteries, you can do so much more without having to rush to the next charge point. Now, if you work outdoors and have to use the handset for GPS work as well, it becomes crucial to have a large battery capacity because it is also your work tool.


If you’re an avid hiker, then you’ll know that charge points may not even be available. In this instance, you’ll want one of the larger batteries to keep the power going as it is crucial to have a handset for photos, navigation, communication, lighting, and, most importantly, emergency communication.


Where to find a big battery phone


Blackview is well-recognised for its rugged outdoor handsets, some of which come with huge batteries. For hiking, travelling, emergency work, camping and construction site work, you’ll want a handset like the BV8800 with an 8380mAh battery and fast-charging capability. The capacity is big enough to handle all the functions offered by the state-of-the-art handset that features a 50MP main camera, 8MP 117° ultra-wide camera, 2MP depth camera and a 20MP IR night vision camera on the rear, plus a 16MP front camera. The handset also offers a dual LED flash and two IR emitters.


It features a gyroscope, compass, and air pressure sensor. The handset has innovative functionalities and is 4G enabled. This is the type of cell phone you can trust to be a companion tool in every sense. But it also means it requires a lot of power and that’s why it features a big battery.


The Blackview BV6600 Pro is also fitted with an 8350mAh battery, giving you more hours of operation before a recharge is required. You can watch movies, make calls, download, check your social media, take pictures, play games, use it for navigation and record videos for hours. It will also be there when you need it on standby because it has a large battery


Blackview’s big battery phones for your lifestyle needs


If there is one feature that’s important in the modern mobile handset, then it is the capacity of its battery. Don’t compromise on operating time for recharging. Get a big battery phone for your outdoor lifestyle needs – visit the Blackview rugged handset selection to find your ideal mobile companion.