Top Rugged Mobile Phones for the Harsh South African Outdoor Environment


When it comes to working outdoors, you want equipment suitable for harsh operating conditions. Rugged mobile phones fit the profile. You cannot afford to have mobile phones with screens that crack when dropped a metre. You want something that can be dropped 1,5 metres without its screen scattering. If this is high on your priority list, then you will appreciate the Blackview range of rugged mobile phones.


The manufacturer originally opened its doors back in 2013 in Hong Kong, known for being a hotspot for tech device developers. Unlike other cellphone manufacturers, focussing on style and fun, the Blackview brand has as focus, durable, highly functional, and robust handsets that are also exceptionally pleasant on the eye. What also sets the brand apart, is the affordability of their mobile phones. This makes it possible for businesses to equip employees with top-notch rugged mobile phones for working in the field. Of course, executives also love the brand’s BV9600 Pro.


Trendiest Rugged Mobile Phones in the Mid-Range


When it comes to mid-range rugged mobile phones, the BV9600 Pro sets the benchmark, making it equally suitable for operation in construction, office, mine, marine and adventure settings. The model is so popular that it is sold in countries ranging from the UK to Greece, Russia, Spain, Italy, and South Africa, to name only a few. It is a remarkable handset, worthy of its place as a flagship mid-range product from the brand. You will be glad to know that it is also available in South Africa through our online shop. As a first-tier reseller of the brand, focussed only on Blackview products, we bring top-end rugged mobile phones to the consumer at exceptionally competitive prices.


The BV9600 Pro comes with 6 GB RAM, a further 128 GB storage that can be expanded, wireless charging functionality and the Helio P60 CPU. It comes with the convenient biometric scanner in addition to the convenient 8 MP camera for selfies, and 16 MP camera. It also has a 5.7-inch screen. If you thus want one of the trendiest rugged mobile phones in the mid-range then view more information on the BV9600 Pro here. It is so popular that it is often sold out. However, if it is high on your priority list, get in touch for information about availability or for guidance on similar handsets in our collection.


Get a Waterproof Thermal Image Enabled Mobile Phone


If you want a cellphone with thermal imaging functionality then the Blackview BV9800 Pro 4G Dual Sim is the answer. It is the first thermal imaging Smartphone to have hit the market, and it is revolutionary by any standard. The handset sports a Helio P70 Octa-core processor and comes with Android 9.0. This handset is made for the outdoors. It is waterproof, which means a bit of rain won’t affect it. An accidental drop of the handset in water won’t cause it to stop working. It also has a battery, which features a long service period. As if not enough, the BV9800 Pro makes precision navigation a breeze with its GPS, BeiDou and GLONASS.


Fitted with a Sony 48 MP rear camera, able to take exceptional night photos, the handset has everything needed for the adventurer. What makes the handset stand out among the top rugged mobile phones is the thermal imaging capacity. With it, you can see the temperature of a person near you, can spot a live animal in the bush based on the heat emission, and see if something is too hot to touch. This makes this handset well-suited for rescue workers, firefighters, hunters, anti-poaching officers, wildlife enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and hikers.


The handset is rugged enough to keep operating even after a drop into water as deep as 1,5 metres. The specifications show that it is waterproof at a depth of 1,5 metres for up to 30 minutes of water exposure. It is fitted with Gorilla Glass 5, which explains why it can survive a drop of up to 1,5 metre.


Quality selfies are a given with its 16 MP front camera while the 48 MP rear, low-light and thermal imaging camera features make it possible to get excellent night-time photos. The handset has 128 GB ROM, giving it large storage capacity. The 6 GB RAM, together with the strong processor, ensures fast operation. If you are looking for truly magnificent rugged mobile phones, have a look at the BV9800 specifications.


Stylish and Slim Design Handset


Want a super-slim handset that can fit into your notebook bag or in your jacket’s pocket? Want something with a large screen, superior functionality, and ruggedness? Then you will love the rugged mobile phones in the BV9900E selection. The powerful MediaTek P90 processor ensures speed and smoothness when using this handset. It comes with Android 9.0, a 4380 mAh battery,8 GB RAM and a whopping 256 GB ROM. The Super AMOLED 5.8-inch screen makes it easy to use and certainly an amazing device for watching videos on-the-go. It is a highly rated handset in terms of performance, the camera picture quality, ruggedness, display and call quality. The handset is compatible with the mobile carriers in South Africa.


The durability and wear resistance of this handset put this phone at the top of the ladder. It is fitted with extremely strong glass, has a waterdrop screen and is waterproof. The Sony 48 MP rear camera is a definite plus, while the fingerprint technology adds to its security features. The body material includes shock-proof liquid silicone, enabling the handset to withstand falls from heights up to 1,5 metres. It is IP68 waterproof certified and IP69K high water pressure resistance certified. Best of all, the dust-proof handset can operate in temperatures as low as -30°C. It is one of the best all-rounder rugged mobile phones on the market. View this video clip to gain an understanding of what makes it so popular around the world.


In Conclusion


The rugged mobile phones from the Blackview brand don’t disappoint. These handsets have the characteristics needed for outdoor use including strong body structures, scratch-resistant screens, quality cameras, dust-proof bodies, and waterproof features. In addition, the devices have all the cool features needed for the modern-day adventurer and outdoor project manager. We offer these handsets are remarkably affordable prices for delivery to your address anywhere in South Africa. Also benefit from the warranty on each of the devices and our superb after-sales service.


Make use of the online chat help if you need more information. View our range of Blackview rugged mobile phones and place your order to benefit from the exceptionally affordable prices offered.