What Makes the BV9600E the Perfect Outdoor Phone?


If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, whether for work or adventure then you most probably have experienced the shortcomings of most mobile handsets. You may even have replaced one or two already. What you need is an outdoor phone, built specifically for harsh operating conditions.


Even the trendiest features and a sleek look don’t count if the phone is not dust, water and drop proof. You want an outdoor phone that can be taken up the mountain, through rivers and in the rain. What you don’t want is a handset with a broken screen or audio no longer working because of dust penetration.


Face it, the average smartphone is built for the office or city environment. It is not made to handle the torture of sunlight and extreme temperatures. The battery life is just long enough to ensure you can get the handset to a charger in time. Unfortunately, spending time outdoors means not always being close to a charge port. Therefore, a long battery life is a must.


The handset is set to be exposed to either extreme heat or cold. But as your faithful companion for staying connected, taking pictures and finding your way, the phone must have the essential features for outdoor use.


Fortunately, mobile handset manufacturers have realised that phones go where the user goes, and that means also going outside. With a bunch of rugged smartphones now on the market, you can leave the plastic bag at home when you plan to canoe or to go camping. Many of these handsets are made specifically for outdoor environments, being water, drop and dust proof.


Scratch and crack resistant screens, protection of the audio, and being fall proof, these phones are the devices of choice for adventure enthusiasts. Dropping the handset on the ground is no longer an issue. With some of the devices you can even take underwater pictures while the long battery lives make it possible to hike all day long without having to find a recharge point.


What are the essential requirements for an outdoor phone?


We’ve already mentioned it: water-and-dust-proof, strong screen, audio protection and long battery life. But let’s take a closer look at the prerequisites for the perfect outdoor phone.


Waterproof: the handset will be exposed to dew, rain drops and the occasional drop in the water. Check the IP code of the handset to determine the waterproof rating. You can view an explanation and list of the IP codes here.


Robust design: fancy and glossy handset screens are great for impressing everyone at the office, but these screens are prone to scratches, cracks and breakage. You want a handset that is built to protect the screen, ensure it can handle bumps and can fall without breakage. The average drop is usually not more than 1,5 metres. So, the handset must be able to handle a fall of up to 1,5 metres.


Dust proof: the outdoor environment comes with dust, sand and dirt particles. Even if you store the device in your pocket, some dirt particles can also be found in the shirt pocket. Dirt and dust penetration of the audio components can affect sound quality and the ability to connect. Look for a handset with 360 degrees dust protection. You want a phone with at least 99% dust protection.


Long battery life: voice recordings, calls, messaging, GPS usage, taking pictures, and storing large files take up battery time. It is not like there is a charge point at every tree or rock. You want the smartphone to have long battery life to minimise the risk of it powering off when you need it in an emergency.


Meet the Blackview BV9600E: Leading the pack as a rugged outdoor phone


Not only does this handset have all the bells and whistles required for outdoor usage, it also comes with the fast 9.0 Android operating system. It features a durable 5580 mAh battery. You may even be able to go through an entire camping weekend without ever recharging the battery. Best of all – it comes with a wireless charge support.


The BV9600E comes with GPS for superb navigation to your next destination. The handset is also GLONASS enabled. The 4G Dual SIM makes it possible to have more than one SIM in the phone.


Performance-wise this handset is also up there with the best of smartphones, featuring a powerful Octa-Core processor and 128 GB storage space to eliminate having to store to the cloud. With its huge 4GB RAM, you don’t have to worry about operation slow-down when you have several apps open at the same time. Although the RAM cannot be extended, you can expand the internal storage with a micro-SD card.


The drop resistance of 1,8 metres gives an additional 300 centimetres over the average drop-resistance of outdoor phones. It has an IP68/IP69 rating and the screen is made of Gorilla Glass 5, giving it superb drop and crack resistance.


Since picture taking is part of the fun on adventures, you will want a superior camera, and this device doesn’t disappoint with its 8.0MP front camera and the 16.0 MP rear camera. It comes with an auto focus function, which is perfect for taking pictures on the go. The handset also has a dual flash.


The AMOLED display provides for stunning colour reproduction, giving excellent image, video and text visibility even when outdoors. The built-in Near Field Communications (NFC) makes it possible to transfer content between the device and other NFC enabled handsets. It is Bluetooth enabled and works on 2G, 3G and 4G with ease.


Add-on features you will notice include the barometer and compass among other useful functions.


View more information on the BV9600E in this video.


What’s the final verdict?


If you want an outdoor phone that can be dropped in the water, handle dust and still have the top functionalities you need, buy the Blackview BV9600E. It is well-priced and one of the best performers for adventure enthusiasts.


Here’s the deal


Choose an outdoor phone that meets the water, dust and shock resistance requirements while offering a long battery life, fast operating system, enough storage space and exceptionally functionality. It is possible with the Blackview BV9600E. Get it at the best-ever price right here.